COVID-19 Guidance


At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits



For the 2022-2023 school year, CUHSD will regularly be offering students free at-home tests and will not be offering on-site weekly screenings. This is in line with guidance from the California Department of Public Health to offer students and families access to regular screening.
Please contact your student's front office for more information on how your student can pick up their at-home COVID tests.


Current COVID-19 Masking Policy

The CUHSD Board of Trustees determined on Thursday, March 3, 2022 that our school district will conform to the state and county decision that after March 11, 2022 masks will be strongly recommended in our schools, but not required under a number of conditions:

  • The decision will be for each individual to make. Staff are to take any actions necessary to maintain an environment of kindness and respect so that no one is made to feel harassed for their decision whether to wear or not to wear a mask.
  • Our district’s additional COVID mitigation efforts will continue including: making masks available, offering COVID-19 testing, having classrooms with adequate ventilation measures, and requiring unvaccinated staff to test at least twice a week.
  • Any student who comes to school displaying symptoms of any respiratory infection or COVID-19 symptoms will be required to mask immediately, report to the health office, and likely be sent home.
  • Masks will continue to be required in any indoor space on our site where healthcare is being administered including, but not limited to, the nurse’s office and the health office.
  • We may reinstate a mask mandate should between Board meetings the state or county guidance change or we see a significant change at an individual school site. 

We will remain vigilant in continually monitoring conditions and appreciate everyone’s cooperation so far in doing what it takes to keep students and staff safe and the schools open.


What does this mean for students and staff?

 The state lifting the mask requirement may cause anxiety for some, especially those who are at higher risk for COVID or live with someone who is at higher risk. However, masking has always been one portion of our multifaceted COVID-19 Safety Plan that includes staying home when sick, regular sanitizing and cleaning of our facilities, at-home COVID screenings for students and staff, placing new sanitation stations, and ventilation measures. Again, mask wearing will still be strongly recommended and is an option for every student or staff member who wishes to wear one at any time. We know that this will be a highly personal decision for each family and staff member and we will respect the choice you make. 

  • The decision to wear a mask will be for each individual to make, and staff members will be expected to take any actions necessary to maintain an environment where no one feels harassed for their decision to wear or to not wear a mask.
  • Parents, we ask that you talk to your students about respecting the decisions of others. We hope that all members of the community will continue to treat one another with kindness and respect.
  • If students show any symptoms of a respiratory infection or COVID-19, please keep them home and get them tested. Your school’s attendance line will provide further guidance on when they can return to school.
  • Students who come to school displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or any other respiratory infection will be required to mask immediately, report to the health office, and likely be sent home.
  • We will continue to require masks from all students and staff in any indoor space on our sites where healthcare is being administered. This includes the nurse’s office and the health office
  • We will continue to make masks available to students and staff who elect to wear them for the remainder of the school year. 
  • We will offer at-home COVID-19 tests for students to self-screen and offer testing for students showing symptoms at school.
  • We will continue to require any unvaccinated staff to test at least twice a week. 
Campbell Union High School District follows the guidance provided by the Santa Clara Department of Health and Santa Clara County Office of Education in making determinations for keeping students safe in schools. This webpage provides resources that will help parents/guardians maintain a safe and high-quality in-person environment for all students.
Please continue to keep your children home if they have received a positive test or show any COVID-19 symptoms. Please note, in some situations, students who have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days may also need to stay home. Please call the attendance line of your school to notify the school of your child's situation. Site COVID response staff will reach out to each individual case and provide guidance directly. 
These guidelines reflect the most recent K-12 Guidance from June 9th, 2022 from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to families as appropriate, and as always, our site COVID response staff will reach out to each individual case and provide guidance directly.
COVID Scenarios

Student with positive COVID test
Wait 10 days from the date of their positive COVID test or the start of symptoms (whichever comes first) before returning to school.
Isolation can end on day 5 or later if symptoms are not present AND by having a negative COVID test from day 5 or later.
To report at-home test results, please follow the guidance in the section below titled "Using At-Home Tests to Return to School." 
Student with COVID symptoms
Isolate and get tested for COVID. Student may return after submitting a negative COVID test, significant improvement of symptoms, and 24 hours fever free. 
To report at-home test results, please follow the guidance in the section below titled "Using At-Home Tests to Return to School." 

Student was a close contact to another COVID case

Student may remain in school as long as they have no symptoms.

Recommended to test on Day 3-5 and recommended to wear a mask for
10 days after the exposure whenever near others. 
Student has no symptoms and has not had close contact in the home to a confirmed positive case.
Student may attend school. 
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced that FDA-approved at-home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test may be used to confirm an individual tests negative for the purpose or returning to school. Click here for a full list of Diagnostic Tests with FDA Emergency Use Authorization. This only applies to those whose symptoms have significantly improved or resolved and have tested negative for COVID-19 on day 5 or later.
In line with this guidance and in an effort to minimize the disruption of student learning, CUHSD allows families to use an at-home COVID-19 test to verify a student has tested negative on day 5 or later to return to school.


To report at-home test results, families will need to: 
  1. Take a photo of the negative test, including student’s name and date the at-home test was taken written on the test (or a picture of the student with the negative test result)
  2. Submit an Attestation Form and attach the photo above. Click on your school to access the relevant At-Home Test Result form for your student: Boynton | Branham | Del Mar | Leigh | Prospect | Westmont | Camden Post-Secondary
For families who are unable to secure an at-home COVID test to end their student's quarantine or isolation to return to school, parents/guardians or a family member who is not in quarantine may pick up a test at the front desk of the CUHSD District Office at 3235 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124. Please note: This is only for students who are in quarantine or attempting to return to school after quarantine.

All students currently attending school are encouraged to continue participating in our free and optional student COVID-19 Testing.
A guide for extracurricular events is available and includes information on covid restrictions for activities and events at our school sites:


As you may recall, in January we shared that CUHSD staff would pause individual close contact notifications during the COVID surge, in line with the Santa Clara County Office of Education and Public Health.

Now that the surge has subsided, our schools will restart notices. Moving forward, however, the communications will be sent following CDPH’s Group-Tracing Approach. Instead of individual contact tracing and close-contact notifications, our staff will notify groups of students and staff (i.e. classmates, teammates, etc.) who have shared an indoor space with someone with COVID-19 during their infectious period. 

Students who receive this notification should test at least once weekly using at-home or primary care physician provided tests, CUHSD's at-home testing resources or through CUHSD’s community testing kiosk. CUHSD will no longer offer on-site health screening and will transition to providing at-home COVID-19 tests to students.

What does this mean for you and your child? 

    • If your child has been exposed to someone with COVID 19, they may remain in school unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. Being exposed to somebody with COVID-19 does not necessarily mean that your child will become infected. Vaccination and wearing a mask can reduce the chance of infection even if exposed. In-home close contacts who are not fully vaccinated and are exposed to a confirmed positive case in their household must still quarantine as outlined below even if symptoms are not present.
  • You will be notified if your child spent more than a cumulative total of 15 minutes (within a 24-hour time period) in a shared indoor airspace (e.g., classroom) with someone with COVID-19 during their period of infectiousness.
    • Notification will occur to "groups" of exposed students (e.g., classmates, teammates, cohorts, etc.) rather than contact tracing to identify individual "close contacts" (e.g., those within 6 feet).
  • As always, if your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19, please make sure they isolate at home immediately and notify your student’s school attendance staff right away.
  • If your child is exposed, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status or prior infection, they should get tested for COVID-19 within 3-5 days after exposure.
  • If your child is exposed, does not have symptoms, and tests regularly, they may continue to attend school and participate in sports and extracurriculars.
  • Visit the CUHSD Testing/Resources page to see additional testing resources.
The California Department of Public Health's most recent guidance states that masks are highly recommended for all individuals in indoor public settings regardless of vaccination status. Furthermore it states that surgical masks or higher-level respirators (e.g., N95s, KN95s, KF94s) with good fit are most recommended. 
It is recommended that all students use these masks or better. CUHSD is making surgical type masks available to all students at their school sites. 
What happens if a student comes to school ill?
A student who is ill and exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated in a designated area on campus until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. 
Will they be required to be tested for COVID-19?
Per the public health department, a student or staff member with symptoms will be required to get a COVID-19 test as soon as possible or provide a medical note before returning. If the test is negative, they are to remain home until their symptoms improve. If a student or staff test positive, they will receive instructions to isolate for 10 days. On day 5 after their positive test, they may test again - if negative and if symptoms have improved they may return to school. Close contacts at school will be identified and notified with public health department instructions for testing and quarantine. A public health department "general advisory" letter may be given (template letters are in development by the department). Close contact is defined by California Department of Public Health as within 6 feet for 15 or more minutes.
Will parents and students be made aware if someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19?
CUHSD maintains and regularly updates our COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard with all confirmed exposures on our sites. Additionally, school sites regularly communicate positive case information to their school communities via newsletters as well as directly contacting any students and families potentially affected by the case.
In line with California Department of Public Health guidance, we document/track incidents of possible exposure and notify local health officials. While maintaining confidentiality as required under FERPA and state and federal law related to privacy of educational and employee records, if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, anyone who shared an indoor airspace for 15 minutes or more will be informed.
If a staff member or student tests positive, will schools close? Is there a procedure in place for quarantining in the event that a person on campus tests positive?
No - schools will remain open unless our public health department determines that the number of cases warrants temporary school closure. 
What happens in the case that a family member of a student or staff member tests positive?
If it is confirmed that a student or staff member has been in close contact with a positive case, they would follow the public health department guidelines. Currently, if a student or staff member is exposed in their home to a case of COVID-19, they can remain at school or work unless they develop symptoms. Please contact your school site for more information on when the student may return to school. 
How likely is it that schools may close?
Individual school closure is recommended based on the number of cases, the percentage of the teachers/students/staff that are positive for COVID-19, and following consultation with the local health officer. California law does not allow our District to offer only distance learning. The ability to offer only distance/remote/virtual/synchronous learning expired on June 30, 2020. Independent study is offered at CUHSD with the Virtual Learning Academy. While Independent study is offered, families must choose to participate in the program and our District must obtain an independent study agreement for all students participating in the program. For more information visit our Virtual Learning Academy webpage
Will truancy limits (10% of missed days) remain the same in event that a student is sent home for a minimum of 10 days due to COVID-19 exposure?
An absence of this type will not count towards truancy. Students with needs for extended absences will be supported on a case-by-case basis.
How do I report my positive results or close contact exposure?
You will report directly to your site via phone call to the attendance line. Our reporting protocols follow all HIPAA guidelines and we may release information to public health officials as required.
I heard there was a positive case at my school but I have not received a notice, what do I do?
If you did not receive a notice, this means you did not share an indoor airspace with a confirmed case and were likely not exposed. Have your student tested at least once weekly, you are encouraged to take advantage of our testing resources mentioned above. If your student develops symptoms or tests positive, keep them home and notify your school site. They will provide further guidance in line with the information above.
I received a case or group tracing notification but the number on the dashboard has not been updated. Why?
CUHSD does not wait to send group tracing notifications upon the initial report of a positive case. However, we do update this on a weekly basis on Fridays and may not have updated this dashboard.
Where can I find up-to-date information about confirmed cases at CUHSD?
All confirmed COVID-19 incidents related to CUHSD sites and offices will be posted to our COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard webpage.
CUHSD strives to maintain all health and safety protocols at our school campuses and office. We are better together and we encourage anyone who sees a potential COVID-19 hazard (as outlined in our COVID-19 Safety Plan) to alert a school administrator or submit an anonymous concern.