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Phased Return to In-Person High School Services

Throughout the 2021 Spring Semester, we want to keep you informed and engaged throughout the decision-making process as we work to expand in-person high school services. This webpage is dedicated to informing and engaging the community throughout the decision-making process.
Board of Trustees Approve Plan For a Phased Expansion of In-Person High School Services 
During the December 1 Special Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a plan for a phased expansion of in-person high school services.  Currently, CUHSD schools are in Level 1, which means instruction will continue to be provided through distance learning only, but there are limited in-person support services such as the connectivity hubs or learning labs offered to students. 

Given the current COVID-19 conditions in Santa Clara County, during the January 21 Regular Board Meeting Trustees approved Superintendent Robert Bravo’s recommendation to remain in Level 1: Distance Learning + Limited In-Person Support and delay a possible transition to Level 2 or Level 3 in-person high school services through February.  For more information on each level in the plan, click here


The Trustees will reconsider transitioning to expanded services during a meeting in late February/early March.

Description of phased expansion
Community Webinars

As we continue to implement the Phased Return to In-Person High School Services plan, we remain committed to providing timely communication and community engagement opportunities. Below you will find our most recent Community Webinars to address parent/guardian questions and provide information on our phased return plans.




Archived Live Q&A Sessions

Thank you to the nearly 3,000 parents, 600 students and 400 staff members who recently participated in our Spring 2021 planning survey.   Your input is crucial as we explore our options for next semester

COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Procedures
To ensure the safety of our students and staff, our schools have implemented COVID-19 prevention layers in compliance with the latest state and county guidance.  Below you will find the CUHSD COVID-19 Prevention Plan, which encompasses mechanisms to prevent COVID-19 exposures and to identify COVID-19 potential hazards in the workplace. 
COVID-19 Operations Written Report
California school districts have each developed a COVID-19 Operations Written Report to describe how they responded to school closures. The report describes how CUHSD continued its educational programs, distributed needed technology, and provided meals to students during the Spring Semester school closures of the 2019-2020 school year. This report was adopted by the CUHSD Board of Trustees at the regular Board meeting held on June 25, 2020. Follow the links below to read the report.