Superintendent's Survey on Parcel Tax Renewal

As a community-funded district, CUHSD does not receive adequate funding to provide an exceptional, well-rounded educational experience to our high students. And next year, about $5M in local voter-approved instructional funding will expire and disappear from CUHSD school budgets.
Without renewing this funding, our district will have to make drastic cuts to academic programs, increase class sizes, and reduce positions including: 5 College and Career Specialists, about 16 different teachers, 3 Computer Technicians, 2 Counselors, and 1 Coordinator of Career Readiness — ALL funded by the current parcel tax.
We appreciate the support of our community in the past and to continue providing high quality and challenging career-training and technical education programs, keep our best teachers, and so much more, we are considering asking our community to renew this soon-to-expire local funding without increasing the current tax rate.

Thank you for taking the survey on our parcel tax renewal. We will continue working hard to inform our community on exactly what is at stake to ensure a high quality education for students attending our local public high schools.

Robert Bravo, Ed.D.
CUHSD Superintendent