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Coronavirus (COVID-19) School Closure Updates and Information

During the July 16, Regular Board Meeting Trustees gave direction to the Superintendent for the 2020-2021 school year and agreed to the recommendations of the Reopening Steering Committee (RSC), which includes providing online learning as the primary form of instruction for the duration of the Fall semester and work to create opportunities for in-person support for small groups of students as the semester progresses. 
As planning progresses, we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged in the process.  The following information is intended to provide you with more details and support during our extended closure.
Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year
Updated on July 17, 2020
Superintendent Robert Bravo Provides District’s Proposed Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year
Superintendent Robert Bravo shared the District’s proposed “Recovery and Restarting” plan for the 2020-2021 school year with the Trustees at the July 16 Regular Board meeting. 

“I make my recommendation with a heavy heart as I believe that distance learning can never take the place of in-person learning,” said Superintendent Robert Bravo.

Based on the latest science, recommendations from the (RSC), and correspondence with area superintendents, teachers, staff, students and parents, Dr. Bravo recommended to the Trustees that the school year begin with distance learning for all students and work to create opportunities for in-person support or “student support hubs” later in the semester.

“I acknowledge that communications from parents have not been one-sided. While many are appreciative of school starting in a distance learning model, others are angry that I am not recommending an in-person option. For those parents who are angry or disappointed, I want you to know that I understand and I, too, am disappointed, “ said Superintendent Bravo.

Throughout the planning process, the District has engaged with stakeholders to gather input through the RSC, surveys, Facebook Live Q&As, webinars and virtual meetings and established planning goals and expectations to provide a robust distance learning model that accelerates learning for all students.

To create a more robust distance learning model, the district is proposing to implement the following recommendations from the Reopening Steering Committee:
  • Live, synchronous teaching and recorded lessons to access later
  • 1:1 connections between teachers and a cohort of about 20 students, weekly to provide a point person and additional support for students
  • Multiple modes of access to teaching and learning
  • Emphasis on the essential standards and skills
  • Letter grades
  • Consistent strategies and organization of course materials
  • Course-alike curriculum development
  • Tiered intervention and support for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

Superintendent Robert Bravo also shared a sample schedule created by the RSC that also aligns with the recommendation from a coalition of civil rights groups that advocates for at least three hours of synchronous online instruction for all students.

To view his full presentation, click here.

The district is currently negotiating with the Campbell High School Teachers Association (CHSTA), our largest labor partner, around these issues. The success of the instructional program depends on our teachers, administrators, and support staff and the district hopes to agree to guidelines and expectations for distance learning that best meet the needs of our students.

These recommendations are the starting point, as the district will work to continuously improve the educational program for all students throughout the semester. The District will soon begin the work of creating a Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan, which replaces the Local Control and Accountability Plan. This plan, which is due to the state of California by the end of September, will outline several recommendations for improving distance learning with perspectives from staff, parents and students/
Frequently Asked Questions
District administrators have received a variety of questions on planning for 2020-2021. This set of Q&As is a compilation of the questions that have been submitted via email, webinars or Facebook Live events. Additional questions will be added.
Frequently Asked Questions by Topic

Q: When is the first day of school?

A: The first day of school for teachers will be August 11 and the first day of school for students will be August 12. The academic calendar has not changed. 

Q:  Is the entire Fall semester online? Or will there be the possibility for teachers and students to return to campuses?

A:  Trustees determined that our district will provide online teaching and learning for the duration of the Fall semester and work to build opportunities for teachers and students to opt-in to in-person support later in the semester, if feasible. Teachers will have the ability to teach from their classrooms, but with no students present for the time being. 

Q: Why was the decision made to have the entire Fall semester online?

A: Based on the latest science, recommendations from the (RSC), and correspondence with area superintendents, teachers, staff, students and parents,  the decision was made to conduct online instruction for the Fall semester. This decision aligns with new statewide guidance that Governor Gavin Newsom. Schools located in counties that are on the state's monitoring list can only reopen for in-person instruction when they have been off the watch list for 14 days. Santa Clara County is currently on the state’s monitoring list. 

Q: Will that schedule have options for college visits, guest speakers, workshops? 

A: The proposed schedule will have time for students to participate in virtual events or community-building opportunities on the days set aside for teacher collaboration.

Q: Will there be one schedule for the entire district? 

A:  Yes, we plan to have one schedule for the entire district. 

Q: When will a finalized schedule be shared with staff and the community?

A: We are still finalizing the details of the schedule for next year. The schedule provided by the Reopening Steering Committee is a sample that we are using to inform our finalized schedule, but is not the confirmed schedule. We will share the confirmed schedule by July 31.

Q: Will the grading policy remain pass/no pass or return to our previous policy?

A: Teachers will follow the current Administrative Regulation 5121 on grades for the 2020-2021 school year, which requires letter grades of A-F.

Q: What is the proposed teacher outreach cohort model? 

A: We are still finalizing the details on the teacher outreach cohort model, Based on the recommendations of the Reopening Steering Committee, we are proposing to have teachers assigned a cohort of 20-25 of their students that they reach out to individually on a weekly basis to check in and offer additional support. We plan to embed time in the schedule for teachers to complete this work and attendance will be taken.

Q: Will there be daily or weekly attendance?

A:  To be in compliance with the Assembly Bill 77, daily attendance will be taken. 

Q: How will the online instructional program be improved for Fall 2020?

A: Although online instruction can never replace in-person instruction, we are preparing to implement the following changes next year to improve the educational program for students:

  • Live instruction and recorded lessons to access later
  • Letter grades
  • Consistent strategies and organization of course materials
  • Emphasis on the essential standards and skills
  • Course-alike curriculum development 
  • A teacher outreach student cohort 

Q: Will the district standardize the online learning platforms used by teachers? 

A: Yes, Technology platforms will be limited to one each per school site: learning management

system, gradebook, and communication tool. Other online instructional tools will be accessible

from that technology platform (via links or integration). All comprehensive CUHSD schools, with the exception of Del Mar High School, will be transitioning to the Canvas Learning Management System next year. 

Q: How are we going to keep students accountable for assessments (tests and quizzes) in classes where project-based assessment is not always feasible?

Ed Services is working with Department Chairs on best practices, tools and formats to support teachers across content areas.

Q: How can parents of students with special needs be supported during distance learning?

A: Special education teachers and case managers will continue to work with the students in their classes and on their caseloads to deliver special education services to the greatest extent possible during remote learning.  If a student is seen to be struggling, there will be a system of tiered intervention provided by the IEP team (general education/special education teachers,and related service providers). All state and federal mandates regarding timelines, service provision and educational expectations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) will be maintained in accordance with the most recent state and federal guidance available.

Q: Will students be provided with technology to be successful in distance learning?

A:  Yes, we will roll out a one-to-one Chromebook program for all CUHSD schools this year, which means all students will receive a Chromebook at the start of the year. Students will also be provided a hot spot if they need internet access.

Q:  If WiFi is patchy or out at a teacher’s or student’s home regularly, how should live instruction proceed? 

A:  A teacher or student can submit a request to receive a hot spot from the CUHSD technology department if they do not have internet access. The teacher will also have the ability to teach from their classroom, if needed.  The CUHSD Technology Department was able to address many of the technical issues or needs of our students and staff last year and they will continue to work with staff and families to accommodate technology needs. 

Q: Will teachers have more Professional Development days to help prepare for distance learning?

A:  The Professional Development Committee is currently working on PD opportunities. As dates and times are finalized, they will be communicated to faculty. Teachers who participate will still be compensated for their time at the hourly professional development (PD) rate. 

Q: Will there be paid time before the school year starts for teachers to meet with their course likes or departments to plan for distance learning? In order to be able to provide consistency, we need time together to rework how we are setting up our courses, grading scales, course info sheets, labs, class policies, etc.

A:  We are still finalizing the logistics for the first teacher workday and professional development or collaboration opportunities. We plan to share this information next week. Site-based teacher teams that want to meet during the summer for collaboration should contact their principal.

Q: If a teacher is sick, or needs to use a personal day, how will substitutes be found, will they use the same process as before? How will they get access to class materials?

Our staff have already been in contact with substitutes to begin to secure site-based substitute teams when we are ready for them. While we anticipate fewer substitutes may return, we are recruiting new substitutes with the sharp increase in unemployment. Substitutes will have access to the information and technology they need to complete long term assignments. The Reopening Steering Committee recommends that teachers post instructional materials regularly to their learning management system (e.g., Canvas or Altitude Learning) so that administrators can grant access to others or share materials as needed.

Q: How will schools handle providing students access to materials/supplies required for participation in elective courses?

A:  We are working with school administrators to create a plan to provide students with their course materials. Schools share information to families about how to pick up their materials next week.

Q: What is the status of athletics and extracurricular activities?

A: Extracurricular activities, elective classes and PE will be conducted remotely for the Fall.

According to CIF, there will be no athletics for the Fall semester. Athletics may resume as early as January.

Q: Will students be able to have clubs via Zoom or other methods?

A:  We anticipate that students will be able to participate in clubs or other extra curricular activities remotely, but there will need to be a certificated staff member present for this to  happen. We are still bargaining with our labor unions on activities.

Q: Will there be virtual freshmen orientation or parent boot camps before the start of the year?

A: Schools are still finalizing their back to school or freshmen orientation events and will share information with families and staff soon.

Q: What will the enrollment or emergency card update process be?

A: The enrollment and emergency card update process will be conducted online. Information regarding how to update your contact information will be mailed to families the week of July 27. There will also be additional support made available to families who do not have internet access or need spanish translation services.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Please send your questions to and we will forwarded it on to the appropriate person