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COVID-19 Resources for Parents/Guardians

Campbell Union High School District follows the guidance provided by the Santa Clara Department of Health and Santa Clara County Office of Education in making determinations for keeping students safe in schools. This webpage provides resources that will help parents/guardians maintain a safe and high-quality in-person environment for all students.



Free and Optional Student COVID-19 Testing
CUHSD has free and optional COVID-19 screenings for our students weekly at our school sites administered by our District Nurses and screened by Color. Students and parents can register their student at their school site for COVID screening via Color.
Please note: This testing is only available for CUHSD students.
Families that are interested in learning more about other community-based COVID-19 Testing Sites for themselves or as an additional screening measure for their student may click on the link below.
What Parents/Guardians Need to Know in the Following Scenarios
Santa Clara County Home Isolation & Quarantine Guidelines