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Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC)


This highly coveted leadership program is designed to enhance your student’s moral, mental, and physical development. This premiere leadership curriculum includes intellectually stimulating leadership lectures and experiential learning activities such as team-building exercises, drill, uniform inspections, color guard, marksmanship, field trips, community service, and of course, strenuous Physical Training! This four-year program is open to all grades. Students are given the opportunity to fill leadership roles where they learn first-hand how to communicate and cooperate with everyone. It gives students who do not want to join the military an appreciation for military leadership, while giving those who chose to join, an advantage over their peers. It also serves to make students more competitive with their applications to college.


The three main tenets of this program are to:

  1. Develop citizens of Integrity
  2. Develop Confidence through Professional communication
  3. Develop Open-minds/hearts that can solve group challenges

Ultimately, the best part of the program is that we build each other up, and we care about each other like a family.


Course # 13100, Mil 1

Grade Levels: 9-12


Course # 13110, Mil 2

Grade Levels: 10-12


Course # 13160, Mil 3

Grade Levels: 11-12


Course # 13165, Mil 4

Grade Levels: 12


Course Term: Yearlong

Graduation Credit: PE


CSU/UC: Electives (g)


Branham, Leigh, Del Mar, Prospect, Westmont