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International Baccalaureate Music Standard Level (SL)

The one-year IB Music SL course will be embedded in the existing Symphonic Band and Concert Choir courses as part of the overall curriculum. In addition to the existing course of study, the IB students will be analyzing and creating written responses based on the Medium, Melody, Harmony, Meter, Form, Style and Context of a wide variety of music from western and non-western cultures and genres. Students will also be prepared to analyze and respond to directed questions on the exam related to at least one major work over a two year period. Lastly, the students will hone their listening and critical thinking skills by listening and crafting written responses to examples of music from a wide variety of cultures and genres.

Prerequisite: Students must demonstrate proficiency in Choir, Guitar, or Band
Course # 17601
Course Term: Yearlong
Grade Levels: 11 & 12
Graduation Credit: Applied Arts
CSU/UC: Visual & Performing Arts (f)
Schools: Del Mar