Boynton High School & Blackford

Project List & Updates

The following is an overview of anticipated projects at Boynton High School and the Blackford Site. 
Projects and improvements that have been completed are marked.
Boynton High School Multipurpose Building    Coming soon in 2022!
  • 5,600 square foot multipurpose space
  • New lobby, restrooms, storage and landscaping will be added
  • Large, high windows for natural daylight and increased energy efficiency
  • Exposed steel braced frames add architectural interior design
Boynton High School Campus Painting
  • All exterior walls, columns, walkways, and trim were repainted
  • New color scheme emphasizing school colors and modern aesthetic
  • Painted to match color scheme of new Multipurpose Building (coming 2022)
Additional Projects
Projects identified in the master plan add health, safety, and life cycle improvements to the campus.  These improvements include new construction for enrollment growth, support for the District’s growing educational programs, athletic facilities, technology advancements, energy efficiency, classroom modernizations, and beautification of the campus. Each campus has smaller, unique projects that will also be addressed and the project list shown is not all inclusive.
Items listed in the Master Plan can be prioritized by the School District over the course of an ongoing facilities improvement program. Items on this list have been identified for inclusion in the Master Plan. Completion of these projects will depend upon available economic resources, actual enrollment in the school district, evolving pedagogy and related priorities.