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Parcel Tax Measure K on March 2020 Ballot

Parcel Tax Measure K on March 2020 Ballot
During a Special Board Meeting on December 2, 2019, the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) Board of Trustees approved placing Measure K, a parcel tax measure of $298 for eight years on the March 3, 2020, all-mail ballot. The funding measure is to attract and retain the best teachers and school staff, while providing the necessary academic and socio-emotional supports for students, at a time when state funding for schools remains inadequate despite the rising cost of living.
Great Teachers Prepare Students for Future Success
Despite the recent achievements of our students and sustained improvements within CUHSD, state funding for local schools remains inadequate. The high cost of housing in California has pushed many teachers out of state in search of less-expensive housing, according to an EdSource analysis of Census Bureau data.
Increased local funding for our high schools will help retain great teachers, maintain high-quality academic programs and provide similar academic opportunities as nearby school districts. 
Local Funding for Students and Teachers
If approved by voters, Measure K could:
  • Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and school staff
  • Provide student mental health and suicide prevention services
  • Continue to provide career technical education, including computer and technology skills
  • Maintain or expand class offerings to train students for high demand jobs
  • Increase offerings of Advanced Placement classes, International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment to prepare students for college and career
  • Increase student access to counselors
Fiscal Accountability Required
Every penny of the revenue from this measure will go directly to CUHSD's educational programs.
  • None of the funds can be taken away by the State
  • Senior citizens would be exempt from the measure
  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee will be established to oversee funds
  • Annual audits are required and are accessible to the public
  • None of the funds can be used for administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions
Measure K would need to be supported by at least 66.7% of those who vote on the measure in order for it to pass. All registered voters within the boundaries of CUHSD boundaries are eligible to vote on the potential measure.
To register to vote, visit

What financial challenges does CUHSD face?

While we are proud that our student outcomes are competitive with top districts in the area, unfortunately, funding for local schools remains inadequate. We lose great teachers to nearby districts that offer higher salaries or teachers are forced to move to more affordable areas. We also have growing enrollment without increased funding. We are a community-supported district, which means we receive a majority of our funding from local property taxes and not from average daily attendance as most districts in the state are funded. As enrollment increases, we do not receive additional funding to compensate for the additional staff new students require.


How does CUHSD plan to address these challenges?

To maintain our high-quality of education, the Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees is considering placing a local school parcel tax measure on a future ballot. CUHSD's current parcel tax is $85, which is comparatively lower than nearby school districts, making it difficult for the District to provide competitive programs and teacher salaries. 


cuhsd parcel tax comparison chart


What would a potential measure fund?

If approved by two-thirds of voters, funds from the measure could:

  • Attract and retain the best teachers by offering more competitive salaries
  • Provide students with the same rigorous academic opportunities as students in nearby school districts in math, science and English. 
  • Provide mental health counseling for students struggling with stress and depression, including suicide prevention. 
  • Support career technical education classes to train students for high-demand jobs such as high-tech, health care and engineering. 
  • Increase academic counseling services.

I don’t have children in school, how would this measure benefit me?

Whether or not you have school-age children, we all benefit from living in a community with great schools. In addition to preparing our students to secure good jobs and contribute to our economy, quality schools keep property values high. This assessment will protect the great local high schools that make your area such a desirable place to live.


How can I be sure that funds would be spent as promised?

A potential measure would include mandatory fiscal account provisions.

  • Every penny raised by the measure will be used for our local high schools. 
  • None of the funds could be taken away by the state. 
  • Independent citizens' oversight and annual audits would be required. 
  • Senior Citizens would be exempt from the measure.  


Would senior citizens receive an exemption from Parcel Tax measure?

Yes. Through a simple application process, senior citizen homeowners, aged 65 and older, would receive an exemption from their primary residence by filling out a form and providing proof of age and residency.


Would I be able to vote on the parcel tax measure?

All registered voters (including renters) within the boundaries of Campbell Union High School District are eligible to vote on the potential measure.


What level of support would this measure need to pass?

This measure would need to be supported by at least 66.7% of those who vote on the measure in order for it to pass.


How can I register to vote or learn more about voting?

You can register to vote at To find out more about voting in this election, please contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters at (408) 299-8683.