CUHSD Ventilation Measures


As students and staff return for in-person instruction, Campbell Union High School District will be utilizing three strategies to improve air quality in our buildings and classrooms to limit the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Filtration
  • Supplemental Air Cleaning or Portable HEPA Filters
Natural Ventilation
A reliable strategy for maintaining quality air is the simple opening of doors and windows as it supports a consistent flow of new rather than recycled air. Our reliance on natural ventilation this year will also mean asking that teachers and staff make sure that windows are unobstructed and accessible, as they will need to be open as often as possible this year to maximize fresh air flow into classrooms and workspaces.
open window graphic
Mechanical Ventilation with Filtration
In common areas or classrooms where windows are not present or operable, we will rely on mechanical ventilation systems, which mix indoor warm air with fresh air from outside to maintain a comfortable temperature.  To improve our ventilation systems, we have:HVAC unit

  • Enlisted an outside HVAC specialist from Honeywell to conduct testing in every HVAC unit in every classroom and building to ensure that the airflow (CFM) quality meets or exceeds the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards.
  • Replaced almost all classrooms and buildings HVAC filters with MERV-13 filters (which collect greater amounts of particles, pollen, aerosols, and other impurities than the standard MERV-8 filters).
  • Replaced all HVAC units on our school sites since 2016. 
  • Adjusted equipment to provide the recommended four to five air changes per hour in most of our permanent buildings. Portable classrooms, which are smaller, have three changes per hour. 
  • Updated our regular HVAC inspection and servicing procedures to ensure our systems are regularly inspected.
Additionally, a majority of our large classrooms also have exhaust fans that help circulate fresh air from the outside.
Supplemental Air Cleaning and Portable Air Purifiers
For the small number of classrooms and buildings with HVAC units incapable of utilizing MERV-13 filters, the District has procured individual portable air purifiers.  These supplemental air cleaners contain high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) that can add another layer of defense against viral transmission within our learning and workspaces.
portable hepa unit
HVAC Inventory Dashboard
To ensure our community has up-to-date information about our ventilation measures and HVAC systems, we have created a dashboard that displays our HVAC inventory for every classroom and building in our schools and if it is equipped with a MERV-13 filter or portable HEPA filter.  Click on the button below to view our HVAC Inventory Dashboard.