June Message from Superintendent

Dear CUHSD Community, 

I hope you and your family are well and finding ways to enjoy yourselves during these unique circumstances. We continue preparing for the next school year with the limited information we have on what school could look like for students and staff. 

Right now we are narrowing our focus to prepare for two likely scenarios: 

  • Hybrid with a limited number of students on campus and a blend of distance and in-person instruction
  • Continued full distance learning with the current shelter-in-place order still in effect in the Fall

By focusing on these two scenarios, we will also be prepared for other possible scenarios including students coming back to full-time in-person instruction.

Based on your input and the recommendations from the Reopening Steering Committee (RSC), we are prioritizing students having access to in-person instruction to the extent allowable while adhering to local public health guidelines.  We expect an announcement by the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) and the Santa Clara County Department of Health (SCCDPH) with an update of how schools may open in the fall by Wednesday, July 1.  

The Reopening Steering Committee (RSC) will reconvene during July to continue adjusting recommendations based on this new information to ensure we have a plan in place that is flexible, keeps students and staff safe and healthy and provides high-quality instruction to students. To view their current recommendations, click here

As we await additional guidance from the public health department, district staff and school administrators are working with our maintenance and operations team to ensure we have the resources, equipment and procedures in place to safely reopen. We are also coordinating efforts with the SCCOE to receive a limited number of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, face shields and hand sanitizer for students and staff. 

We understand that so much uncertainty is frustrating and we hope to provide more answers very soon. Please look out for future communications and Facebook live Q&A opportunities for us to provide information and answer questions once we have additional guidance. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience during this time.


Robert Bravo, 

CUHSD Superintendent