Student Spotlight: Westmont High School Theatre Students Featured in American High School Theatre Festival

We want to give a shout out to Westmont High School’s theatre students for being one of eleven high school theatre groups featured in the American High School Theatre Festival’s first Virtual Festival titled “Center Screen.”

All featured pieces in this event are original or public domain works created during the pandemic. Westmont High School advanced theatre students worked to create a 25 minute piece titled “I Can’t… yet” based on information gathered on how their peers were coping with distance learning during the pandemic. The students asked a series of questions and after receiving more than 3,000 responses crafted five scenes to demonstrate students state of mind and the struggle to find motivation during distance learning. 

To view the full piece written by Tabitha Goodman, Jessica Fine, Lydia Hadley, Rachel Shawver & Molly Twilleager and Directed by James Ward, click here: