Campbell Union High School District’s Partnership with West Valley College Wins Prestigious 2024 Glenn Hoffman Award

San Jose, CA — Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) proudly announces that its Camden Post-Secondary Program in partnership with West Valley College has been honored with the esteemed 2024 Glenn Hoffman Award by the Santa Clara County School Boards Association (SCCSBA). This award, initiated in 1984, is named after Dr. Glenn Hoffman, former County Superintendent (1967-84), recognizing exemplary educational programs that significantly impact student success.


CUHSD’s Camden Post-Secondary Program is a community-based transition initiative for students with moderate to severe disabilities, aged 18-21 years old. The program is designed to support young adult students in planning and preparing for a meaningful future, focusing on independent living and job skills, applied in community settings. This unique program currently supports sixty-nine students on a post-secondary certificate completion pathway.


Recognizing the capabilities and diverse abilities of these students, CUHSD collaborated with West Valley College to create a more inclusive environment through career pathways and certificates, enhancing their educational and personal development. The program, launched on the West Valley College campus in 2021, now boasts two special education teachers and two classrooms that support students enrolled in various certificate programs including Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, UX/App Design, Musical Theater, and more.


Students in this program are fully immersed in the college experience, attending classes, campus events, and engaging with peers, which significantly contributes to their independence and integration into college life. They utilize campus facilities such as the Library and Student Center, and actively participate in sports and theater. This holistic approach has been instrumental in their development, with the program tracking to graduate its first cohort in the spring of 2024.


"Our partnership with West Valley College has been transformative," said Dr. Robert Bravo, Superintendent of CUHSD. "Not only does it provide our students with the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed, but it also integrates them into a college-going community, fulfilling our mission to offer a free, public education to all students."


The success of this partnership is evident in the achievements of its participants, who have completed 99% of their courses with a 100% pass rate and have met their individualized education program (IEP) goals aligned with their college aspirations.


CUHSD remains committed to leading with innovative educational practices and thanks the SCCSBA for this recognition, which highlights the district’s dedication to creating opportunities for all students to succeed.


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