Campbell Union High School District School Board Approves Bond Measure for November Ballot

The Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) board of trustees approved a resolution last week to place a measure on the November ballot that would authorize the district to issue up to $275 million in general obligation bonds to upgrade and modernize local schools in preparation for 21st century careers.

If approved by voters, the funds would be used to repair aging schools; improve seismic and student safety; remove asbestos; revamp antiquated electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; and expand classrooms and school facilities to prevent overcrowding and improve educational quality.   

These changes would help the district meet its goal of providing students with a well-rounded and quality education in a safe, modern learning environment.

“We’re thankful that the community has supported our efforts to improve educational opportunity, equity, and excellence over the years,” said CUHSD Superintendent Robert Bravo. “We’re hopeful that the voters will allow us to reinvest in our schools and students by passing this bond measure in November. Doing so will enable us to make essential improvements that benefit the larger community.”

The ballot measure also includes safeguards to facilitate oversight and financial accountability.

These include annual performance and financial audits, the establishment of a citizens’ oversight committee, and annual reporting requirements on the status and expense of any ongoing projects.

CUHSD’s sound financial practices previously prompted Moody’s Investors Service to upgrade the district’s credit rating from AA (Aa2) to AA+ (Aa1).

“This high credit rating is good news for us, as we move ahead with a bond measure for 2016 to ensure that our students have everything they need to focus on their learning,” said Bravo. “It will help us save taxpayers money, and it represents a recognition of the district’s sound financial practices, which speaks to our ability to meet our financial commitments.”

AA+ is the second best rating that an organization or country can receive to demonstrate its credit worthiness.

Less than 10% of school districts in California have received such a score.

The district’s credit rating has risen steadily over the past two years thanks to good financial decisions and strong fiscal reserves.