New Teacher Orientation Signals New Year & New Day at Campbell Union High School District

About 50 new teachers gathered at the offices of Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) on August 11 for a two-day orientation.

Superintendent Robert Bravo addressed the group of new hires at the beginning of the first day and offered two pieces of advice: (1) don’t underestimate the students and (2) be open to feedback.

“We want to keep our minds open and grow and learn alongside the students,” Bravo said.

The teachers formed a cross section of subject matter experts across the district’s five comprehensive high schools and were a mix of young and veteran educators.

“It was exciting to work with our special program coordinator, literacy content specialist, and new teacher advisors to share the professional development initiatives that we’re focusing on in the district,” said CUHSD’s Curriculum & Instruction Director Jivan Dhaliwal. “There was such high energy in the room.”

According to Dhaliwal, one of the initiatives that really seemed to get the teachers’ attention was the district’s plan to continue rolling out the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program across all schools in the district.

AVID provides students whose families have never attended college with a path to higher education through personalized support, mentoring, and skill building.

The group also delved into the work of Stanford Psychology Professor Carol Dweck to help inform their classroom teaching.

Dweck’s research on the “growth mindset” rests on the basic premise that failure is a natural occurrence, which helps individuals develop their brain's capacity to learn and solve problems.

“I’m looking forward to the new school year," said Preston Hatfield, a first-year English teacher at Del Mar High. “I want to give my students a positive experience.”