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#Election2016: We Will Uphold Democratic Values

The other morning I talked with a friend of mine who told me his elementary school-aged daughter asked him worriedly if their family was going to be deported. This is a little girl who is the daughter of native born U.S. citizens.

Later that morning, I visited some adult education classes, and Director Bob Harper mentioned to me that a Muslim student had recently asked him if she was going to be safe.

I want to make it clear to any students made anxious by the results of the presidential election, that our district will support ALL members of its community. We will uphold democratic values by being an inclusive place that honors both diversity and diversity of opinion.

In the afternoon, I visited some social science classes at Prospect High School and listened in as teachers led balanced, academic discussions about the election and its potential consequences. I appreciated both the professional, mature leadership these teachers displayed to their students, and the respectful inquiries of the students. There was no demonization of either candidate or their supporters.

Let us all remember that students need us to model for them integrity, fairness, and intellectual rigor. Let us provide safe and respectful learning communities where students can ask questions, consider what it means to live in a democratic society, and feel safe and respected no matter who they are.