CASSY & Uplift Therapists

CASSY Therapists
One on one counseling is provided to our students through a district partnership with CASSY (Counseling and Support Services for Youth). CASSY is a nonprofit agency that partners with schools to provide professional mental health services to students in their academic setting. CASSY therapists are compassionate, competent and conveniently located right on the school campus. All services are free to our students and their parents. Please go to your high school website to learn more about CASSY services at your school. For more information on CASSY go to:
UPLIFT Therapists
One on one counseling is provided through a district partnership with Pacific Clinics (formerly Uplift Family Services.) Pacific Clinics is one of the largest behavioral health treatment providers in California. One of the programs provided by Pacific Clinics is early intervention and therapy to students and families who are suffering from a mental health issue. These services utilize evidence-based practices and include parent workshops, youth groups, and individual and family therapy. Therapist work in collaboration with teachers and parents to support students emotional and academic success. Please go to your school website to learn more about Pacific Clinics (Uplift) services at your high school. For more information about Pacific Clinics or Uplift visit