Dual Enrollment with West Valley College

Earn college credits

Dual Enrollment is a program for Campbell Union High School District sophomores, juniors, and seniors where students can earn college credits and high school credits. Every 3-unit West Valley College (WVC) course gives up to 10 high school credits. These college courses are free for students. All costs are covered, including the enrollment fees, books, and classroom materials.
The courses West Valley College (WVC) is offering through the Dual Enrollment Program are taught only to students in the Campbell Union High School District. Students can enroll in classes not offered at their home campus but need to ensure they can arrange travel to that campus and arrive on time. This program is open to students that will be sophomores, juniors, and seniors (grades 10, 11, and 12). 
Students are on the WVC calendar. Holidays may differ between WVC and CUHSD. Students are expected to attend class in accordance with the WVC calendar. Course textbooks will be provided during the first week of class at no cost to the student. Students are required to return those textbooks at the end of the term.

Dual Enrollment Summer 2023

This upcoming summer 2023 session, the college is offering two classes restricted to CUHSD students. Summer classes run in June and July. Please see the table below. Applications for summer must be submitted by 5/16/23. Courses Offered for Summer 2023:
Dual enrollment summer


Dual Enrollment Fall 2023

For the fall 2023 semester, West Valley College is offering 11 classes to CUHSD students. For this upcoming fall semester, the courses start on September 5 and end on December 12, 2023. For this upcoming fall semester, the courses start on September 5 and end on December 12. Applications for Fall must be submitted by 8/24/23. Courses Offered Fall 2023:

dual enrollment Fall


More Information About the Program


Application Information

To apply, complete the instructions below.  Students must create an account through OpenCCCApply, obtain a California Community College ID number, use that ID to complete a West Valley College application and obtain a West Valley College ID number and complete the online Dual Enrollment Application. If you have enrolled in one of our courses before, you will still need to apply again for this upcoming term.

  1. Complete an online application at Apply and Register for Classes | West Valley College. (Students who were in the DE program in a previous term are required to complete a new application). Here you will create an OpenCCCApply account. You will receive a CCC ID# (ex: AF861972) via email; this is not your West Valley College ID#. Your CCC ID# will give you access to the online application.

  2. Using your CCC ID#, log into OpenCCCApply through the Apply Now link and complete the West Valley College Application.

  3. Within 5min – 2hrs you will receive your West Valley College ID# (ex: G08100081) via email. Save this number in a place you can easily access it. You will need this number moving forward. Email the WVC Admissions Office if you do not receive your ID number, [email protected]. Include your name, confirmation number, and birthdate.

  4. Click on the link Dual Enrollment | West Valley College to access the Dual Enrollment Application. The application will be sent to the appropriate school counselor.

If you have any questions, please contact your school counselor.

Course Descriptions and Pathways