What is SELPA?

In 1977, all school districts and county offices of education were mandated to form consortiums in geographical regions of sufficient size and scope to provide special education services for children with disabilities residing within the region boundaries. These regions are called Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs).
The SELPA is responsible for assuring program availability for all students with disabilities. To achieve this task, the SELPA assists districts with program development and coordinates regional programs within the SELPA. The SELPA provides technical assistance and administrative support to the districts within the SELPA to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. Additionally, the SELPA provides staff development and training for educators and the community.
Visit the CDE website to learn more about California SELPAs.
In this brief video, the work of SELPAs is framed through their work as facilitators, capacity builders, and connectors (produced by SELPA Administrators of California, release date June 2022). 


Santa Clara County SELPAs

There are two SELPA Administrative Unit offices within the boundaries of Santa Clara County. CUHSD is one of eleven Districts in SELPA III in the "SELPAs I, II, III, IV, VII Administrative Unit". 

SELPA III Parent Group

SELPA III maintains a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) parent group that provides support, information, workshops, and valuable links for parents. Learn more about SELPA III CAC.


SELPA Local Plan

The SELPA Local Plan includes the Annual Budget and Services Plans, Public Hearing Notices, and Executive Council Meeting agendas.