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Labor Management and Negotiations » Labor Management and Negotiations

Labor Management and Negotiations

Welcome to the Labor Management and Negotiations page, where up-to-date information is made available to the CUHSD community about the current negotiations process between the District and our bargaining units. 
The District is currently in contract negotiations with the Campbell High School Teachers Association (CHSTA) and will begin negotiations with both classified employee groups in the fall of 2018. Below you will find:


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have heard teachers are working without a contract; what does that mean? 
ResponseThe most recent teacher contract was in effect from August 2016 to August 2018.  Although the contract has passed its end-date, teachers still maintain the vast majority of rights and protections within the contract.  The District honors the articles within the collective-bargaining agreement, including compensation and benefits.  
The District and CHSTA have been bargaining since spring 2018 and have been discussing compensation since May.  Through the interest-based bargaining (IBB) process, both groups develop interests and brainstorm options.  The IBB process can often take longer than traditional bargaining.
Question:  Have staff received raises in the past?
Response: Yes. Salary increases for teachers have been consistent with many surrounding districts over the past five yearsDespite rising costs for health benefits and pension contributions, the District has provided a total of 20.5% in annual salary increases to teachers over the past five years, not including one-time payments.
Teacher Salary Increase Graph
Question: I have heard CUHSD teacher salaries are dead last. Is that true?

Response: No.
When comparing salaries alone, CUHSD ranks eighth out of eleven unified and high school districts in the county, based on the October comprehensive budget review conducted by School Services of California.   
Salary, however, is only one component of the picture. Total compensation includes compensation and benefits. In the same report by School Services of California, CUHSD ranks second out eleven high school and unified districts when comparing average benefit contribution and moves to sixth out of eleven high school and unified districts when comparing total compensation. 
Question: I always hear that school finances are in trouble, but then everything turns out fine. What is different now?
Response: Currently expenses, including state-mandated district contributions to retirement pensions, are outpacing revenue and are causing significant financial hardships for districts. See the figure below which demonstrates that the pension contributions will have doubled over seven years.
Pension Contributions - STRS and PERS
Question: If the district has $20 million in reserves, why can't the district provide higher raises?
Response: While CUHSD has an ending fund balance of close to $20 million at the close of the 2017-2018 budget, $4 million is restricted. Of the remaining balance, approximately $6 million is required to be held in reserve by board policy, $5 million prevents the layoff of staff in the event the parcel tax is not renewed, and the remaining balance will be depleted in coming years as expenses increase. 
Fund Balance 
Furthermore, the fund balance as a percent of expenditures has decreased by over one third since
Fund balance decrease

Bargaining Updates




Bargaining Update


The District and CHSTA bargaining teams met for another day of negotiations on October 9, 2018. The teams continue to have collaborative discussions as we work to reach agreement on the final remaining issues.

More specifically, the District returned with calculations for the compensation options discussed during the last bargaining session. In addition, the District and CHSTA teams discussed the Comprehensive Budget Review conducted by School Services of California, an independent financial-management organization used by districts across the state. The report concluded the District makes reasonable budget projections for both revenues and expenditures and should be cautious when negotiating increased compensation costs. Additional highlights from the report include:


  • CUHSD ranks sixth out of eleven high school and unified districts in the county in total compensation for new teachers, which includes salary and health benefits (page 40).
  • When comparing average health benefits, CUHSD moves to second out of elevenhigh school and unified districts in the county (page 39).
  • CUHSD has experienced greater growth in enrollment (4.99%) than all but one of the high school and unified districts in the county, which translates into fewer dollars per student (page 18).


The budget review is posted on our website under the new Labor Management and Negotiations page. Click here to view the analysis.

Finally, the teams reviewed proposals regarding Article 18 Compensation. Both teams brought new compensation proposals to the negotiations table. 


  • CHSTA presented the following:
    • Elimination of the cap on unit hours applied in a school year,
    • Elimination of the cap on years of service credit for newly hired teachers,
    • Elimination of column A on the salary schedule, and
    • A 3.5% salary increase.


  • The District responded with a proposal containing the following:
    • Elimination of the cap on unit hours applied in a school year,
    • Elimination of the cap on years of service credit for newly hired teachers, and
    • Either a 2.0% salary increase or a 1.67% salary increase in addition to the elimination of column A.


  • Representatives from both teams developed additional compensation options for CACE teachers. The District team will calculate the budget impact of these options prior to the next bargaining session.


The teams will now work to identify a time for the next bargaining session. While the teams still have more work to do, we are confident they will achieve a resolution.  Again, we deeply value your patience during the bargaining process and we are committed to working together to finalize an agreement to benefit CHSTA members, the District and ultimately our students.

District Bargaining Team

Meredyth Hudson - Bargaining Chair

German Cerda

Daron LaFranchi

Usha Narayanan

Rich Alipaz

Jennifer Baldwin




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Dr. Bravo's Audio Presentation on the Budget