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Employee Support

Campbell Union High School District's human resources department is here to support you through all your personal and professional needs. 
Leave of Absence
Employees may request a leave of absence by completing the forms below, which must be signed by a supervisor for acknowledgment, and returned to the Human Resources department along with supporting documentation.
Then contact Gayle Boxill at extension 2118 to arrange for a Leave of Absence appointment with Julie Thompson, Director of Human Resources.
Academic Advancement
Course Approval Process
We support our colleagues' desires to expand their knowledge and skills through professional development. It is an important part of continuing to grow as a professional. All coursework must be approved by Human Resources prior to taking the course.
Please follow this process to request pre-approval:
1. Download and complete the form (below).
2. Attach the course description to the form.
3. Submit to with "Course Approval" in the subject line.
4. Submit your transcripts with the Course Request Approval by September 10, 2017.
Please review Appendix A of the CHSTA contract for requirements.

The Human Resources Department is here to guide you through the retirement process.
To file for retirement, follow these steps:
1. Complete the separation form.
2. Scan the form to with "Retirement" in the subject line of your email.
3. Contact STRS or PERS for your next steps with the state retirement system.
STRS Contact Information:
Santa Clara Member Services Center is located at 3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 350 Santa Clara, CA. The phone number is 1-800-228-5453, option 3.
PERS Contact Information:
San Jose Regional Office is located at 181 Metro, Suite 250 San Jose, CA. The phone number is 1-888-225-7377.
Useful Forms
The following forms are available for you to complete and send to Gayle Boxill in the Human Resources office. 
Who do I contact?
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I request a Leave of Absence?
  • Request Leave by submitting this form.
  • Gayle Boxill or Julie Thompson will provide support through the process.


Who do I contact if I think my paycheck is wrong?

  • Last Name: A-L (Shail Dwivedula)
  • Last Name: M-Z (Peter Nguyen)
How do I find district wide emails?
Where do I find the paperwork for enrolling in benefits?
  • Request the benefits form in person from or via email from Shail Dwivedula or Peter Nguyen (Payroll and Benefits).
Who do I see if I want to begin direct deposit for my paycheck?
  • Email any of the HR staff to request Direct Deposit
How long to receive my check electronically once I have enrolled in direct deposit?
  • Once you are enrolled, it will take one pay cycle. (Two months)