New Teacher Induction

New Teacher
Purpose: Induction supports new teachers’ growth as professionals through one-on-one mentoring relationships and individualized cycles of inquiry. The ultimate goal of induction is for teachers to demonstrate progress toward mastery of the CSTPs as evidenced by deep reflection on one’s practice, changes in classroom instruction and increased student achievement.
Partnership with an Accredited Induction Program: CUHSD has partnered with the Center for Teacher Innovation (CTI), an induction program based in the Riverside County Office of Education, to offer our new teachers a path to clearing their credentials.



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One-on-One Mentoring: Each candidate is assigned a reflective coach who meets with them for a minimum of an hour a school week. During this dedicated hour coaches may observe candidates, observe experienced teachers with candidates, or facilitate candidates’ planning, problem-solving or reflection, in order to offer support, create appropriate challenge, and facilitate growth and vision. Reflective coaches’ interactions with candidates and candidates’ induction work are confidential and separate from the evaluation process.
Structure: All candidates complete and document two cycles of inquiry each semester (four cycles of inquiry each year). All the cycles of inquiry are individualized and include planning, implementation, evidence gathering, evidence analysis and reflection. Coaches observe their candidates regularly.
Cycle of Teacher Inquiry
Additional Information: Find more information on the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) here. If you are applying for or have been offered a position in the district and have questions about the induction program, email Brook Wallace at [email protected].