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Technology Services

Vision Statement

Our vision is to leverage innovative technologies to enhance student achievement and prepare them for the demands of a 21st-century citizen.

Mission Statement

Technology services exist to aid the classroom learning experience by supporting our students, teachers, staff, and administration by:

  • Maintaining district-wide systems and equipment throughout the district.
  • Preparing and implementing new technologies to enhance student learning.
  • Training Teachers and Staff in the integration of these technologies to enhance their instruction and day-to-day workflow.

Department Staff:

Photo of John Keating
John Keating
IT Director


  • Lead, develop and implement IT initiatives that enable the District to operate more efficiently in a constantly changing environment.
  • Translates the District vision into IT systems and procedures, articulating this to District Staff.
  • Manage, motivate, and develop all staff within the IT group.
  • Ensure the organizational structure is appropriate for supporting the District Technologies goals.


  • Lead and coordinate the development of our infrastructure to ensure key education strategies and processes are supported by systems that enable growth and flexibility.
  • Develop plans and budgets for the technology services department.
  • Translate business needs into system solutions making maximum use of available tools while ensuring longer-term supportability.


  • Ensure availability of necessary application systems to support business and operation needs.
  • Develop IT policies and procedures on a basis for ensuring consistency in standards and leveraging of common systems.
Photo of Matt Saul
Matt Saul
Tech Support Manager
  • Level 2 Support
  • District Office & Maintenance
Photo of Alan Chase
Alan Chase
Computer/Communication Technician II
  •  Level 1 Support
  • Del Mar High School
  • Boynton High School
  • Campbell Adult and Community Education
  • Camden Post Secondary Academy
Photo of Dannii Wang
Dannii Wang
Computer/Communication Technician II
  • Westmont High School
  • Prospect High School
Photo of Son Trinh
Son Trinh
Computer/Communication Technician II
  • Branham High School
  • Leigh High School