January Superintendent Message

Dear CUHSD Community, 

It has been a busy and productive start to the new year for CUHSD schools as we continue to work to implement the Board-approved Phased Return of In-Person High Schools Services plan.   As you may know during the January 21 Regular Board meeting, the Board of Trustees approved my recommendation to remain in Level 1: Distance Learning + Limited In-Person Supports and reconsider moving to Levels 2 and/or Level 3 at the end of February/Early March.  To read the full plan and more information on each level, click here.

Level 1: Distance Learning + Limited In-Person Supports Through February 

In our current Level 1 services, we are working to expand in-person support at all of our school sites through the connectivity hubs/learning labs, tutoring, credit recovery opportunities, and summer school. 

We are happy to see some success with the connectivity hubs or learning labs, which provide internet access and academic support to students. For example, at Westmont High School at least 17 students were able to improve their grades by the end of last semester with the support of the in-person connectivity hubs! 

What’s Next?

Although we are pleased to report that the overall passing rates of our students at our five comprehensive sites improved since the beginning of the fall semester, we know even more work needs to be done to ensure our students can overcome the obstacles that come with a pandemic and almost a full year of distance learning.

We hope to be able to expand to Level 2: Distance Learning + In-Person Academic Support and Activities and/or Level 3: In-Person Instruction for Select Students during the Spring semester.  While we are aggressively recruiting in-person substitutes, tutors and aides, at this time, we do not believe we will have sufficient staffing to be able to achieve Level 4:-In-Person Instruction by Preference this academic year. 

As we have learned since the pandemic began, flexibility with the latest county and state guidance and COVID-19 conditions continue to be essential for any plan. You may be aware that Santa Clara County is currently on the Purple (Tier 1) on the California Public Health Department COVID-19 Order and Monitoring System, which means some restrictions are being lifted in our county.  High schools can not reopen for in-person instruction until we are in the Red (Tier 2) or higher for 14 days.  We will continue to monitor the hospitalization rates and number of COVID-19 cases before making a recommendation to the Board to move into additional levels in our plan. 

As we continue to work to expand in-person high school services throughout the Spring semester, we will communicate any updates via email, social media (@mycuhsd), and the CUHSD website (www.cuhsd.org).  Thank you for your partnership in creating a successful 2020-2021 school year for our students. 


Robert Bravo,Ed. D.,

CUHSD Superintendent