CUHSD Teacher Negotiations Update 2/18/2021

Dear CUHSD Community,

After approximately three months of negotiations, we were disappointed to learn that the Campbell Union High School Teachers Association (CHSTA) has unilaterally decided to request that the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) determine the parties are at an “impasse.” Impasse is a legal process where a party individually or both parties may request that PERB determine that continued negotiations would be futile without the assistance of a mediator. If that determination is made, PERB will assign a mediator to assist the parties. The District team believes this declaration to be premature and had invited CHSTA to meet again after the February break, but the offer was declined.

The District remains committed to negotiating the impacts of the Board-approved  "A Phased Return to In-Person High School Services" plan on specific working conditions in the Spring semester. 

The District is disappointed that CHSTA proposals have yet to bargain the impacts of the Board’s approved plan on working conditions. Instead, CHSTA’s proposals are attempting to negotiate over issues that extend beyond the impact on working conditions, for instance, by including only voluntary implementation of in-person services.  This is a decision reserved for the Board of Trustees.

CHSTA’s proposals also create a higher threshold to expand in-person services for students than what is required under current state and local health orders and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You can view both the District and CHSTA’s latest proposals on the CUHSD website under Labor Management and Negotiations or by clicking here. We expect PERB to decide on CHSTA’s declaration of impasse early next week and will continue to inform you of any developments.

While we had hoped to make more progress with CHSTA by this point, we will continue to lay the groundwork to hopefully provide Level 2 and/or Level 3 services this semester. While we are aggressively recruiting in-person substitutes, tutors, and aides, at this time, we do not believe we will have sufficient staffing to be able to achieve Level 4 services this academic year. We know our community is eager for more information and details regarding when we will be expanding in-person services.


Campbell Union High School District