Measure AA Bond

Thank you so much to all who voted to pass Measure AA in 2016! With your support, the Campbell Union High School District’s (CUHSD) has been able to complete critical facility, safety, and technology upgrades at our campuses
Students growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley should be the best trained and most prepared to compete in the fields of technology, science, and engineering. Many of our high schools were built more than 60 years ago and required essential improvements to ensure classrooms provide a safe, modern learning environment that prepares students to remain competitive in academic and career pursuits.

Measure AA Citizens' Oversight Committee

Thank you to the community members who participate in the Measure AA Citizens' Oversight Committee. The meeting agendas and supporting documents can be found in BoardDocs

Public Comment for both Agendized and Non-Agendized items

Anyone wishing to address the Committee matters may do so at this time. If you would like to address the Committee, members of the public may submit a request to make a public comment by submitting a blue public comments card found near the Board Room entrance. By law, Committee members can only discuss items that appear on the agenda and for this reason, the Committee does not engage in dialogue or take action on items not on the agenda.