Career Technical Education (CTE) Overview

In Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, students gain real-world experience through hands-on projects that combine rigorous academics with industry-specific technical skills. Each CTE class offers students the opportunities to explore careers in industries that are thriving in our region. CTE is unique in that the teachers that are a part of the CTE pathway come with industry background in their respective field and serve as experts in the classroom.
In addition to technical training and career foundations, these courses also offer a wide range of additional educational benefits, including critical thinking development, technical literacy, public speaking skills, leadership development, and planning/organization skills. Students often work in teams to come up with solutions to real-world problems and demonstrate their learning by designing, building, or implementing the idea or product. Students share what they learn through presentations (sometimes to industry representatives), competitions, or with their peers. 
CTE programs offered both on our school campus' and also off-campus. Click on the navigation sidebar to view details for both programs.


CTE Vision

Every student who attends Campbell Union High School District will graduate facing the future motivated, ready to thrive and achieve success through real-world experiences.

CTE Mission

Career Technical Education programs provide students the building blocks to construct their futures.  We accomplish this by:
  • Developing and maintaining industry partnerships;
  • Promoting instruction and learning that leads to mastery;
  • Offering multiple pathways for student learning, including extended and experience-based opportunities;
  • Investing in physical resources that enhance learning, including modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment and
  • Investing resources in a strategic way, to support what maximizes student achievement, while securing additional sources of funding.