District Boundaries

Campbell Union High School District encompasses six high schools: Boynton, Branham, Del Mar, Leigh, Prospect and Westmont. 
Attendance at each school (except for Boynton) is determined by the street address. Students are enrolled directly at the high school of residence. Boynton High School is an alternative program of CUHSD. Enrollment at Boynton can only be discussed with the guidance advisors at the comprehensive high school of residency.
There are two areas designated as Free Zones in the Branham and Leigh attendance area. If you live in Area 1 or 2, you have the option to apply to either Branham or Leigh High School. Students must make that choice at the time of enrollment. Students who choose to apply for a transfer between Branham and Leigh will be given priority. If space is available, the transfer will be approved, but students may not transfer back. View the Free Zone webpage for more information. 
If your home is located near a school boundary, please check the SCHOOL LOCATOR for the most accurate information.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This web map application is intended to provide general information as to schools of assignment for addresses within the school district. The completeness or accuracy of the mapping is not guaranteed nor should the user assume the results as a guarantee of student placement at any school. Capacity limitations at campuses within the school district may require that your child attend a school other than your indicated home school.
You may also check for your designated school district at the Santa Clara County Tax Assessors Website
CUHSD High Schools
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