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Welcome to the 2023-24 New Student Enrollments. Please read and follow the instructions below. **Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year will open after February 1. 

Welcome to Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD)! New student enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is open. 

Students who both reside within CUHSD boundaries AND are currently enrolled in 8th grade in feeder middle schools do not need to enroll.* These students will automatically roll up to their home school in CUHSD and their records will be imported into the district. For more related information, visit Incoming Families.
*If a student is new to our community of schools and/or district (arriving after the December holiday break), they will need to complete the enrollment process. 
Please note: Enrollment is different than Annual Data Confirmation. All students will need to complete the Annual Data Confirmation every year (typically available online end of July).

Before You Begin

  • Check your address in the SCHOOL LOCATOR to ensure you live in district boundaries.

  • Gather the required ENROLLMENT DOCUMENTS. Please collect the enrollment documents in a digital format by saving them online, scanning them or by taking clear and legible photos. When uploading documents, the preferred format is PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF. Note that HEIC format is not compatible with our systems. You will be asked to upload these documents during the online enrollment.

Complete Online Enrollment

Please set aside 30-45 minutes to complete the online pre-enrollment process. The process requires a valid email address. Please use the email address where you would like to receive correspondence from the school. It is recommended that you complete the process using a computer or laptop rather than a mobile device. Please use Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser (there are technical issues when using Safari).
Please have all of your required documents ready to upload. When uploading documents, the preferred format is PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF. Note that HEIC is not compatible with our systems.
You can logout and resume if the process takes longer than expected.
Please note:
  • There are sometimes (2) school year options in the portal (ie: current year and/or next year); choose the correct school year.
  • Invalid or Incomplete submissions will not be accepted and will be returned to the submitter for completion.
  • Within 3-5 business days, your home school of address will contact you to confirm receipt of your submission (only when school is in session).
  • Completion of the pre-enrollment process does not guarantee placement.
  • CUHSD reserves the right to request in-person home address verification at any future date.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, if your address is within the CUHSD boundary lines, your student will automatically roll up to the home school of residence. Use School Locator to confirm. If your student is an 8th grader, newly enrolled after January 1st, you must contact your home high school of residence to complete the enrollment process.
You must enroll your student in your home school of residence for high school. That window usually opens about February 1st. Go to the Online Enrollment section above. Please have all Required Residency Documents ready.
Once your move is completed with a signed/dated Lease/Rental agreement or Close of Escrow document, and the address is outside of the CUHSD boundary lines, you must initiate an Interdistrict Transfer request from your new home school district. If the new address is within CUHSD boundary lines, but outside of the current school boundary lines, you must initiate an Intradistrict Transfer request. See our tansfer pages for more information.
This request is called an Intradistrict Transfer request. The open window to submit these is typically Dec 1-Jan 31 for the following school year. Go to Intradistrict Transfer page to locate dates, forms and submission instructions. Notifications are typically sent out in late March/early April.
Free Zone is an option for residents whose home schools are Branham or Leigh and reside within certain streets. Find all information regarding Free Zone requirements go to the Free Zone page. The open window to submit these is typically Dec 1-Jan 31 for the following school year; Intradistrict Transfer request forms are required and approvals are dependent upon site and program capacity. Notifications are typically sent out in late March/early April.
Go to our Transfers page to learn more about Interdistrict and Intradistrict transfer requests. 
Please refer to the formal approval letter for specific instructions on how to enroll your student. Reference forms for approved interdistrict transfer/non-resident families are available for review.
Go to your school site with the following information to withdraw your student. You may also request a transcript to take with you to your new school.
  • Student's full name
  • Date of birth
  • New school name, city, and state
  • Effective school year
Program Guidelines: To enroll as a foreign exchange student in the Campbell Union High School District, the
student must:
  • Work through an approved Foreign Exchange student organization.
  • Enroll in our district for only a full academic semester or year and reside with a family who lives in the appropriate attendance area.
  • Submit a completed application (prepared by the Foreign Exchange student organization) during the transfer request period; the district begins processing applications received during the December 1st-January 31st window, with notifications going out after March for the upcoming year. Late requests will be processed on an ‘upon receipt’ basis.
  • All communication should be conducted with the Foreign Exchange Association only.
  • Typically, there are fees due to the international exchange student organization which the student and organization are responsible for.
  • Per CUHSD Board Policy, there are no fees due to the District.
  • There are a limited number of spaces for foreign exchange students district wide; this number is determined each year based on enrollment projections for the upcoming year and the District reserves the right to deny entry at any time.

    Additional information for Guidance Counselors:
  • Only graduating seniors receiving a CUHSD diploma are allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. Foreign exchange students may be considered for a diploma or an honorary diploma per AR 6145.6.
  • Most foreign exchange students enter CUHSD as juniors. Recommended
    classes would be American Literature and US History.
  • Foreign Exchange students are not eligible for ELD or Special Education services.
  • Under no circumstance should a school administrator sign an I20 form for school attendance. All such inquiries should be directed to the District Office.
  • Boynton HS is not an option for a Foreign Exchange Student

Need Support/Have Questions

Topic Contact
Aeries Student Portal or Gmail Account CUHSD Tech Hotline (408) 558-3080
School or District Transfers CUHSD Student Services (408) 371-0960
Enrollment Inquiries
Boynton High School: (408) 626-3404
Branham High School: (408) 626-3407
Del Mar High School: (408) 626-3403
Leigh High School: (408) 626-3405
Prospect High School: (408) 626-3408
Westmont High School: (408) 626-3406

Important Legal Notice:
  • The District may refer cases in which false information has been provided to the County District Attorney for further action and/or file civil action to recover damages incurred as a result of providing false information.
  • Persons who provide or solicit false information are subject to criminal prosecution for perjury, which is punishable by fine and/or prison (up to 4 years) and may be found civilly liable for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, or negligence. [Civil Code § 1709] [Family Code § 6552; Penal Code § 118 and 126]
  • Investigations that reveal that students have enrolled on the basis of providing false information will lead to immediate withdrawal from the District.
  • Completion of the Online Enrollment process does not guarantee acceptance into the school. CUHSD reserves the right to request proof of residency at any time.