Incoming Families

Note: this information is only relevant to students who will be entering high school for the very first time in the
2023-24 school year OR 2024-2025 school year.
The Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) welcomes your family and student to our community.  This webpage will serve as a hub of information and resources to ensure a smooth transition of incoming 9th graders to the Campbell Union High School District family.
If your student is in a feeder Middle School (includes schools in these districts: Campbell, Moreland, Union, Cambrian, EDS/Discovery and Luther Burbank)
  • Communication from CUHSD to Incoming Feeder Middle School Families:
    • The following Letters/Notices have been shared with this parent community via the middle school newsletters and messaging systems and are referenced here for your convenience:
      • October 9, 2023 Letter English and Espanol (Includes information about transfers, home address verification and timelines)
      • January 26, 2024 Letter English and Espanol (Includes information regarding Home Address verification )
  • For Residents: Your Feeder middle school provides information in January or February for 8th graders transitioning to high school for the upcoming school year. High school Counselors will provide Class Programming forms to the students for 9th grade schedule preparation. Parents and students should familiarize themselves with the home school website for Counselor contact information and schedule change processes.
  • **If you are a new 8th grade family to your feeder middle school as of the December holiday break, you MUST enroll your student for high school after February 1, 2024 using the online enrollment portal. 
  • The class programming process does not apply to non-resident students. If your student receives the paperwork in error, the submission will be voided. 
  • ALL current feeder middle school students who enter into CUHSD will be required to provide evidence of home address.  Want to get prepared? See the list of required home address documents ENGLISH and SPANISH. 
    • FAQ: I've submitted a Transfer request-Do I still need to complete this process? YES
  • In-district students who attend feeder middle schools will automatically roll up to their home school of address and should not use the Online Enrollment Portal. NOTE: The class selection process takes place via the middle school during the months of January/February-your student must complete the process while awaiting Intradistrict transfer placement decisions. The class placements will follow them if placement request is granted. 
IMPORTANT - ALL feeder school incoming 9th grade families will be required to complete the home address verification process by completing a home address declaration form (English Form | Spanish Form). Form will be available late January / early February 2024 for the 2024 - 2025 school year. 
  • Four documents listed on page 4 of the form will be required.
    • When uploading documents, the preferred format is PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF. Note that HEIC is not compatible with our systems.
    • Submissions must include ALL documents at one time-incomplete submissions will be returned.
    • DO NOT use the Online Enrollment Portal to submit your Home Address Verification-the submission will be deleted.
If your student is new to our community of schools and/or district
**If you are a new 8th grade family to your feeder middle school as of the December holiday break, you MUST enroll your student for high school after February 1, 2024 using the online enrollment link above. 
If your student attends a feeder Middle School as Charter or Interdistrict Transfers permits
  • Please be sure to enroll your student(s) in your home school district. CUHSD staff will not respond to requests about percentages or chances of transfers granted. You must follow the process. *Your student should not participate in the Class Programming process at the middle school in January/February. If your transfer request is granted, you will schedule an appointment with a Counselor at the designated school site for this to be completed in the Spring.
All students (incoming and current) will complete an Annual Data Confirmation in late July each year. This is a process that occurs for parents/guardians to update emergency contact information and review school documents.

Need Support/Have Questions

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Aeries Student Portal or Gmail Account CUHSD Tech Hotline (408) 558-3080
School or District Transfers CUHSD Student Services (408) 371-0960
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Boynton High School: (408) 626-3404
Branham High School: (408) 626-3407
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