Intradistrict Transfers

An Intradistrict Transfer is for students living within the Campbell Union High School District who wish to apply for transfer to another school, other than their school based on their home address, within the District.
Your student is assigned to a school based on your address (use School Locator to determine your school). Our policy on intradistrict transfers allows your student to request a transfer to one of our other schools. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with the unique and outstanding programs each of our schools has to offer by reviewing the School Accountability Report Card for each school.
If you are a new resident to CUHSD boundaries, you must enroll at your high school based on your home address even if you have or are wanting to submit either an Intradistrict or Interdistrict transfer application request.   
Please note: the home school of address is the school boundaries which the student resides in on a permanent basis at a minimum of 50% of his/her time. To establish residency, only 1 address can be considered. Verifications of home address are performed upon entry to CUHSD, per Board policies BP 5111.1 & AR 5111.1. Falsification of information may revoke the transfer request.
Application Period for the 2023-24 School Year
The 2023-24 transfer application period within CUHSD is now closed.
Transfers may still be submitted for review.
The 2024-2025 transfer application period within CUHSD is
DECEMBER 1, 2023 - JANUARY 31, 2024
Requests are received during the months of December and January and notifications will go out no later than the last day of March. Early submissions will be returned to the submitter.
The submitter will receive an email notification from the original IK12 request submitted and must click on the link enclosed to see the decision: Approved or Denied
If your request was denied, the sole reason is site capacity. 
Read the FAQ's below

Transfer Priorities
The CUHSD Board policies determine priorities for granting transfers. All transfer requests are granted based on school capacity.
How to Apply for an Intradistrict Transfer
  • When completing the application form, NEW students to CUHSD do not have a student # assigned yet. On page 3 of the form (Residency Declaration) fill in the box with NA or X's. 
  • Proofs of Home Address are required with submission. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
  • Submission does not guarantee approved acceptance.
  • Late submissions will be reviewed with response letters to follow within 14 days of receipt.
  • Notifications will go out via email or via US mail in late March. Please do not call the district office to check the status of your request until after April 1st.
  • Reason for Transfer: the options on the Intradistrict Transfer form are the most often requested, however, if the reason to request a transfer is different, please include a letter of reasoning and attach it with the home address documents prior to submission.
  • Per Board Policy, if space becomes available during the annual attendance audit at the onset of each school year, CUHSD will hold a lottery and begin contacting families. Previously denied requests will be held until the lottery or end of September, whichever comes first. 
  • All unapproved requests expire at the end of each September. You will need to reapply during the new transfer request window period if you wish to try again for the next school year.
  • Any approved transfer may be canceled at any time subject to falsification of information stated on the request application, unsatisfactory grades, attendance or behavior.  A review of these conditions will be performed throughout the school year.  Students not meeting these agreed conditions may have their transfer immediately revoked.
  • NOTE: Email notifications are sent via the original Informed-K12 submission form TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON THE FORM. You will be provided a "read only" copy. Follow instructions below:
You must open the email and click on the link to see the placement decision. It will state "Approved" or "Denied" in the lower left corner. The sole reason for denial is lack of space/capacity at requested school/program. 
  • If an Intradistrict transfer is granted, it is valid so long as the student adheres to the agreement of satisfactory attendance, academics, behavior AND so long as the student resides at the address listed on the application. If there is a change of address after the time of submission, the transfer request is invalid and a new application must be submitted, with all required proofs of home address documents, for consideration. 
  • Transportation to your school of transfer must be provided by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Withdrawal from enrollment nullifies the transfer. Upon return to CUHSD, a new transfer request must be submitted during the open window.
  • Reversals: Based on all requests received, resources are planned for all sites for the coming year.  Should you decide to go back to your original resident school after approval has been granted, you will need to submit a new transfer request and the decision will be based solely on capacity. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Once your move is completed with a signed/dated Lease/Rental agreement or Close of Escrow document, and the address is outside of the CUHSD boundary lines, you must initiate an Interdistrict Transfer request from your new home school district. If the new address is within CUHSD boundary lines, but outside of the current school boundary lines, you must initiate an Intradistrict Transfer request.
No. Attendance is based on your home school of address. You may submit one transfer request during the open window. After the placement decisions have been made and your request has been denied, you may submit another for consideration.
Free Zone is an option for residents whose home schools are Branham or Leigh and reside within certain streets. The open window to submit these is typically Dec 1-Jan 31 for the following school year; Intradistrict Transfer request forms are required and approvals are dependent upon site and program capacity. Notifications are typically sent out in late March/early April.
High school attendance is based on your home address. The transfer process does not alter or change until the Spring once the placement decisions have been finalized. In the meantime, please proceed with attending your home school parent night, class selection processes and Aeries Student Account login process. Once placements have been finalized, all information will transfer with your student to the school of attendance. SIDE NOTE: Parents are welcome to attend any school site parent nights in the interest of obtaining information.
High School attendance is based on home address. CUHSD has a practice of allowing a limited number of transfers within school sites (Intra) and from outside of the district (Inter) if site capacity allows. These are reviewed every school year and are dependent on site and program capacity. If you feel you have a special circumstance, please include a letter of reasoning with your transfer request.
The open window to submit requests is Dec 1-Jan 31 for Free Zone, Intradistrict and outgoing Interdistrict transfer requests. The open window for incoming Interdistrict transfer requests is Feb 1-Feb 24. ALL notifications will go out typically no later than the end of March. Do not call or email the District Office for a status update until after April 1.
  • NOTE: if your transfer has been Approved, the change in schools will occur towards the ends of the current school year by the school site Registrars. 
  • NOTE: If your transfer has been Denied, please refer to the FAQ below. Do not call the District Office, please follow the instructions in the FAQ. 
If you reside within CUHSD boundary lines, your student is to attend your home school of address as guaranteed placement. Intradistrict Transfers are awarded based on site and program capacity. Once the placement decisions have been made and notifications have gone out and you would like to appeal the decision, you may email the Assistant Superintendent of Education Services-Administrative Assistant at [email protected] for a review meeting. That decision is final.