Educational Equity Audit

In July 2021, Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) partnered with The Education Trust-West - a trusted non-profit education advocacy organization - to conduct a 3-year Educational Equity Audit. The purpose of this Educational Equity Audit is to closely analyze the extent to which CUHSD students have access to an equitable and humanizing educational experience that prepares them for their future, whether that be college or career.
Equity Audit Report
In the first year of the Educational Equity Audit, Ed-Trust West interviewed 13 district leaders and visited each of the six high schools: Boynton, Branham, Del Mar, Leigh, Prospect, and Westmont. Ed-Trust West also observed classrooms across grade levels and subjects and held focus groups at each site with a total of 26 school administrators, 81 students (who reflected the demographics of each school), 41 parents, 19 counselors, 60 teachers, and 27 student support staff. There was also a comprehensive review of assignments, school climate data, testing data, and school collaboration schedules, among other data points.
The culmination of this information gathering was the Equity Audit Report, released in the summer of 2022.
Blueprint for Equity Action Planning
Currently, in the second year of the Educational Equity Audit, CUHSD is engaging in a Blueprint for Equity Action Planning process to lay out the actions necessary to respond to the goals outlined in the Equity Audit Report. The Blueprint Committee's are made of a team of CUHSD students, staff, parents, and community partners and are listed below along with the team meeting dates.
In the third year, CUHSD will move forward with the Blueprint for Action and implement recommendations; ensuring along the way to monitor progress and processes as things move forward.
Campbell Union High School District - Equity Audit Report
Equity Audit Review Summary Presentation - January 2023
Blueprint for Equity Action Committee
The Blueprint for Equity Action Committee meets on a monthly basis and consists of a Working Committee and a Steering Committee. The Working Committee develops detailed action steps, timelines, roles and responsibilities and outcome measures. The Steering Committee provides feedback to the working committee throughout the process and provides general advice and helps to identify potentially helpful resources or partnerships within the community.
The following team members make up the Blueprint for Equity Action Committee.
Working Committee Members
Janel Holguin, Counselor, Boynton High School
Tatiana Starets, Assistant Principal, Boynton High School
Tori Waite, Assistant Principal, Branham High School
Carolina Lopez, Guidance Clerk, Branham High School
Adriana Contreras, Community Liaison, Branham High School
Cynthia Pilgrim, Paraeducator, Branham High School
Courtney Schembri, Assistant Principal, Leigh High School
Felah Murray, Counselor, Leigh High School
Sandra Soto, Community Liaison, Leigh High School
Erika Marcuccillo, Activities Director, Leigh High School
Guadalupe Dhanani, Spanish Teacher, Leigh High School
Larry Lopez, Principal, Del Mar High School
Vivian Duran, Guidance Clerk, Del Mar High School
Richard Mendoza, Counselor, Del Mar High School
Dani Wadlington, Math Teacher, Del Mar High School
Cedric Nguyen, Math Teacher, Del Mar High School
Kristin Duriseti, Math Teacher, Del Mar High School
Michelle Leversee, English Teacher & EL TOSA, Del Mar High School
Emily Cassie, History & Econ Teacher, Del Mar High School
Sayuri Chen, Assistant Principal, Prospect High School
Aimie Subaba, Counselor, Prospect High School
Kevin Nguyen, Social Worker, Prospect High School
Rosy Valadez, Spanish Teacher, Prospect High School
Lindsey (Caroline) Halas, English ELD Teacher, Prospect High School
Jen Halas, Assistant Principal, Westmont High School
Alma Iberra Cisneros, Bilingual Aide, Westmont High School
John Shieh, Math Teacher, Westmont High School
Alfonso Garcia, Physics Teacher, Westmont High School
Marwa Yousofzoy, Coordinator of Educational Equity, CUHSD
Brook Wallace, Teacher - Induction TOSA, English, CUHSD
Jason Waite, Human Resources Coordinator, CUHSD
Sergio Diaz Luna, Coordinator of Communications, CUHSD
Liz Tovar, Principal, Virtual Learning Academy
Kara  Butler, Director of Special Education, CUHSD
Emily Hanson, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, CUHSD
Crystal Adams, Director of Student Services, CUHSD
Kira Durant, Coordinator of Educational Technology, CUHSD
Mayra Lara, Facilitator, EdTrust-West
Jana Luft, Facilitator, EdTrust-West
Rachel Ruffalo, Facilitator, EdTrust-West
Steering Committee Members
Sarah Thomas, Principal, Boynton High School
Lindsay Schubert, Principal, Branham High School
Ainsley Bateman, Student, Branham High School
Diana Nguyen, Assistant Principal, Del Mar High School
Stacy Ross, SAI English Teacher, Del Mar High School
Miguel Paredes, Parent and DELAC Member, Del Mar High School
Joe Ianora, Principal, Leigh High School
Sylvia Branca, Parent, Leigh High School
Markus Autrey, Principal, Prospect High School
Sophia Tian, Student Board Member, Prospect High School
Leah Yosef, Student/Jewish Student Union, Prospect High School
Jason Miller, Principal, Westmont High School
Tessa Corona Del Conde, Health Clerk, Westmont High School
Robert Bravo, Superintendent, CUHSD
Meredyth Hudson, Chief of Strategy & HR, CUHSD
German Cerda, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, CUHSD
Juan Fernandez, Teacher & Vice President Campbell High School Teachers Association (CHSTA), Branham High School
Renee Ereno, Service Clerk & President California School Employee Association (CSEA)
Marwa Yousofzoy, Coordinator of Educational Equity, CUHSD
Jana Luft, Facilitator, Ed Trust-West
Rachel Ruffalo, Facilitator, Ed Trust-West
Rhonda Beasley, NAACP
Eve Walton, CUHSD Education Foundation
Leo Mapagu, SELPA
Christina Moore, NextFlex
Sonia Nevarez, West Valley Community College
Rebecca Gawronski, Santa Clara Public Library
Meeting Dates
Kick-Off Meeting - August 21, 2022
Session #1 - September 22, 2022
Session #2 - October 26, 2022
Session #3 - November 16, 2022
Session #4 - December 8, 2022
Session #5 - January 26, 2023