School Counseling Services

Campbell Union High School District provides academic, career, and counseling services for our students.  Our School Counselors have an open-door policy and emphasize comprehensive counseling services.  This means that any student may meet with his or her School Counselor regardless of the nature of the concern or question including but not limited to academic, social and emotional issues.  Students may request an appointment by stopping by the office, completing an appointment request slip outside of the Counselor's office or sending an email.  Counselors make every attempt to meet with students within 1-3 days of a request or as soon as possible if the student indicates that he or she is in crisis.  Parent/guardians are encouraged to contact School Counselors and make an appointment by phone or email.

The Counseling Departments in CUHSD actively work with students, families, staff and teachers to promote academic success.  Throughout the school year Counselor's at each site visit classrooms, conduct parent information nights help to develop student class schedules, assist students with fulfillment of graduation requirements, assist with student post high school plans and meet with a range of stakeholders to support CUHSD students.  We look forward to working with you as a shared partner in your student’s high school career.