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Departments » Student Services » Health Resources

Health Resources

Studies show that healthy students learn better. The goal of CUHSD Health Services is to maintain and improve the health of our students. Under the supervision of the credentialed School Nurse, school site health staff members care for the students and faculty. We work to prevent disability and illness using education programs related to nutrition and safety. We also work to identify and remove health-related barriers to learning.

School-based prevention of illness and disability using education programs related to nutrition and safety
Please keep all Emergency Cards up-to-date by notifying the school immediately of any changes in contact information or medical treatment/information. By keeping information current, we will be able to keep students safe and give them a successful school experience.
Health Requirements for Entering Students

The State of California and Santa Clara County require all students to fulfill a number of health requirements before they can enter school.
  • Immunizations
  • Mantoux Tuberculosis Skin Test
State Mandated Screenings

The district nurses or other professionals conduct screenings at school sites.

    Vision - Special Education initial and triennial evaluations
    Hearing - Grade 10 and Special Education initial and triennial evaluations

Chronic Health Conditions

If your student has a chronic health condition, such as diabetes, asthma, seizures or severe allergies (anaphylactic reaction), the health office at each school can assist your student. Please make sure that your health information is always current.

Before medication can be administered during school hours, it is necessary to have specific written orders from your physician and written authorization from you. The school MUST be notified of any changes of medication administered at school. In addition, we ask that you notify us of any changes in the medication administered at home which might affect your student's behavior at school. Permission must be renewed each school year. Over-the-counter medication will be given only if prescribed by a physician or dentist. (California Education Code Section 49423)

1. Physicians must write a note detailing the method, amount and time schedule for administering medication.
2. Parents/guardians must submit a note indicating their desire for CUHSD to assist as directed in the physician's statement.
3. Your student's school will keep an accurate written record documenting that the medication was administered in the prescribed amount at the prescribed time.
4. Parents/guardians must deliver the medication to school in an appropriate pharmacy labeled container.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for the current school year can be purchased through the District for a nominal fee. The purchase is optional. We will mail information about health insurance to you during the summer. Contact your school office with questions.

Children's Health Initiative provides Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance.  Current Sign Up Days:

Tuberculosis Screening for Volunteers

Adult volunteers in public schools must be screened every four years for possible exposure to tuberculosis. X-rays and intradermal injections are the only tests accepted. Tine/patch tests are not acceptable.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact our nurses:

Megan O'Neal:
Debra Phalen:

Community Health Resource Guide