Student Access to Public Library Systems

Santa Clara County Library SJPL
Free Student eAccounts
Campbell Union High School District has partnered with the Santa Clara County Library District and the San Jose Public Library to provide digital access and physical access to library content for all students. Upon registration at the beginning of the year, families had the option to opt in to receive a library card for their student from both libraries. For those who opted in, see details below for how your students can access the online resources. If your student does not have access to their account by using the information below, they can sign up directly.
Online Resources 
Students have access to Audiobooks, ebooks EBSCO Research, Libby, LinkedIn Learning, New York Times Online, Wall Street Journal and much much more from both the San Jose Public Library and Santa Clara County Library District systems. Students can use the links below to access the full list of resources for libraries. 
Santa Clara Library Log-In
San Jose Public Library Log-in
  1. Log in to
  2. Enter your account number.
    • Student accounts are created using the Student ID and school District initials in this format: S _ _ _ _ _ _ CUHSD
    • Example: S551234CUHSD (551234 is the CUHSD Student ID)
  3. Enter the 4-digit Account PIN
    • The pin number is the birth month and birthday
    • Example, May 16th is 0516.
Students can also find a resource guide for how to log in via their Student Portal.
  1. Go to and click on the “Log In”
  2. Enter your library card number.
    • Student accounts are created using a 14-digit combination of a designated District Prefix the Student ID which is 21194600 + StudentID Number in this format: 21194600_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    • Example: 21194600551234 (551234 is your CUHSD District Student ID)
  3. Enter the 4-digit Account PIN:
    • The PIN is the two digit birth month and birthday.
    • Example, May 16th is 0516
In Person Library Card
Students may also visit a physical library branch to get a full use card that will permit them to check out books, movies, and other physical items. For identification, please bring along one of the following:
  • Your Student ID Card
  • Any postmarked mail addressed to you, the student
Other in person services provided by our library include a quiet place for students and work in groups. 
  • Students may use their card to visit any library in the San Jose Public Library and Santa Clara Public Library System. For reference, the following libraries lie within or near our District:

San Jose Public Library Locations Santa Clara County Library District Locations
* Both Library systems have additional locations and they can be found on their website. SJ Libraries / Santa Clara Libraries