Budget Reports

Citizens’ Guide to Understanding the CUHSD Budget
We strive for financial transparency at CUHSD. We have created the citizens' guide below, providing detail on the District’s operating budget and a detailed look into how much money CUHSD allocates to the different programs and services we provide, both in terms of the total budget amount and the approximate cost per an individual student or the “per-pupil” cost. Read the full guide below.
May Workshop

The CUHSD fiscal year is from July through June. We begin to build our budget for the fiscal year in January of the preceding fiscal year with the introduction of the Governor's budget and the information we receive pertaining to anticipated enrollment. Meetings are held between January through May to review various items impacting the budget, and a Board Budget Workshop is held in May of each year.
Proposed Budget
Adopted Budget

Subsequent to the Governor's May Revise, the Board of Trustees adopts it's official budget for the upcoming fiscal year by June 30 of the prior fiscal year. This budget takes into consideration Board Budget Guidelines, all anticipated factors that may affect the budget, and identifies controllable and uncontrollable variables which may have an impact on the District during the course of the fiscal year. This adopted budget is evaluated multiple times throughout the fiscal year.
The First Interim Budget

Completed by December 15 of each year.
The Second Interim Budget

Completed by March 15 of each year.    
The Unaudited Actuals

Completed by September 15 of each year.

The Audited Actuals

Completed by December 15 of each year.   
Fiscal Facts
This information is for the current fiscal year (2021-2022). All numbers given are estimates.
  • CBEDS Enrollment: 8590 (includes 28 NPS)
  • Total General Fund Revenues: $141,868,686
  • Total General Fund Expenses: $139,301,259
  • Average Classroom Teacher Salary: $87,227
  • Total Contribution to Health and Welfare Benefits: $15,088,968
  • Number of Teachers(FTE): 415.6
  • Number of Management/Supervisor/Confidential: 104
  • Number of Classified Staff: 210.775
  • Number of Comprehensive High Schools: 5
  • Number of Continuation High Schools: 1
  • Number of Adult Education Schools: 1
Miscellaneous Reports

Proposition 30 Education Protection Account

The voters approved Proposition 30 on November 6, 2012; and Article XIII, Section 36 was added to the California Constitution effective November 7, 2012. In compliance with Article XIII, Section 36(e), of the California Constitution, the Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees has determined to spend the monies received from the Educational Protection Act.