Flyers and/or Materials Approval Process

Thank you for your interest in submitting flyers and or materials for distribution at a Campbell Union High School District school site. 

To submit flyers and or materials for review

  • Submit your flyers and or materials in a PDF, JPG, PNG, or Word format via email for review to [email protected].  Allow up to 3 business days for review.  
  • All materials to be distributed shall bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity, in addition to the following disclaimer in BOLD print: “Distribution of this material does not imply endorsement by the Campbell Union High School District, its schools, or staff.”

When submitting your flyer and or materials for review, please note:

According to Board Policy 1325 materials shall NOT be accepted and approved for distribution if they:
  • Are obscene, libelous or slanderous (Education Code 48907)
  • Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools (Education Code 48907)
  • Promote any particular political interest, candidate, party or ballot measure, unless such materials are being distributed at a forum in which candidates or advocates from all sides are presenting their views to the students during school hours or during events scheduled pursuant to the Civic Center Act
  • Contain prayer or proselytizing language
  • Position the district on any side of a controversial issue
    (cf. 6144 – Controversial Issues)
  • Discriminate against, attack or denigrate any group on account of any unlawful consideration
    (cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)
  • Promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including but not limited to materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, and movies or products unsuitable for children
    (cf. 5131.6 – Alcohol and Other Drugs) (cf. 5131.62 – Tobacco)
  • Promote during the school day any food or beverage that does not comply with state nutritional standards pursuant to Education Code 49430-49434, including a corporate incentive program that offers free or discounted foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards as rewards for students who reach certain academic goals. This prohibition does not include advertising on clothing with brand images worn on school grounds, advertising contained on product packaging, or advertising of infrequent school fundraising events involving food or beverages that do not meet the nutrition standards.(Education Code 49431.9)
    (cf. 3550 – Food Service/Child Nutrition Program (cf. 5030 – Student Wellness)
  • Solicit funds or services for an organization, with the exception of solicitations authorized in Board policy
    (cf. 1321 - Solicitation of Funds from and by Students)
  • Distribute unsolicited merchandise for which an ensuing payment is requested
  • Are produced by an organization or community enterprise that is found by any US court to have discriminated against any group (e.g., race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital/parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, or genetic information, etc.) on account of any unlawful consideration and the distribution of the materials by the organization or community enterprise would reasonably lead school officials to forecast substantial disruption.

When submitting your flyer or materials, please note:

  • Schools have the option to make the materials available in any manner deemed appropriate for their site (info in school newsletter, etc)
  • Approved flyers/materials will be distributed electronically only.
  • Flyers/materials may selectively be approved or disapproved for distribution based on the criteria listed above.