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Board of Trustees

The District's Board of Trustees is elected by the community to provide leadership and citizen oversight for our schools.
The 5-member Board works with the Superintendent to:

  • Set direction for the district
  • Establish policies
  • Provide accountability
  • Provide community leadership on behalf of the district and public education
Members of the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) Board of Trustees are elected by the public to four-year terms.  
Elections are held in even-numbered years and are by-trustee area on a staggered schedule beginning with the 2020 elections. In 2020, trustee-areas four and five will be up for election and in 2022, trustee-areas, one, two, and three will be up for election.
Area 1:  Robert Varich
Area 2: Kristiina Arrasmith
Area 3: Stacey Brown
Area 4: Linda Goytia
Area 5: Kalen Gallagher
Click here to view:  By-trustee area interactive map.
To locate which Trustee area you live in, type your address in the search bar at the top of the interactive by-Trustee area map.

Kalen Gallagher

Kalen Gallagher is the Board President. His term expires in 2024.
Kalen Gallagher is also the alternate Board representative to the MetroED Governing Board.

Linda Goytia

Linda Goytia is the Board Alternate Clerk. Her term expires in 2024. Linda Goytia is also the Board representative on the MetroED Governing Board.