Annual Data Confirmation

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Annual Data Confirmation is a process that occurs in late July each year for parents/guardians to update emergency contact information and review school documents. Parents/guardians are encouraged to log into the Aeries Parent Portal throughout the year to keep their contact information current and to view student attendance, report cards, and transcripts. Students can use their CUHSD Gmail with their password to access the Aeries Student Portal (same login page as the parent portal).
For directions on how to update contact information in Aeries Parent Portal click here.
For frequently asked questions about how to complete the Data Confirmation Process click here.

Browser Compatibility and Password Reset

You must use Google Chrome as your browser to complete this process. For instructions on how to reset your password, click here. Returning users who have used the portal previously and know their password, click here.



Data Confirmation Process/Aeries Parent Portal Step-by-Step Instructions 




Data Confirmation Process/Aeries Parent Portal Video Tutorial


Data Confirmation Process/Aeries Parent Portal Step-by-Step Instructions 

 1. Click on the following link: Aeries Parent Portal.This process must be completed using Google Chrome. Select the "English" dropdown at the top right to change the language to Spanish or another language.

2. Enter your email address in the "Email" box and click "Next". Your login email is listed on the letter you received from the District in late July. It is the same email that is on file with your child's school. If you need to update the email on file, please contact your child's school.
Aeries login page
3. After logging in, select “Click Here” from the yellow banner at the top of the page.
picture of data confirmation bar
4. You will be asked to answer a series of questions and read necessary documents as organized on the lefthand menu to complete the process. Click on "Confirm and Continue" to move through the tabs after you've completed each section. The following steps describe each tab.
5. The first tab asks you to verify student living conditions under “Family Information.” Check the boxes that apply to you. Click on “Confirm and Continue” when done.
6. Please verify your student's information under “Student.” You can click on “Change” to fix information that is incorrect. Click “Save” when done then “Confirm and Continue.”
7. Please verify all “Contacts” information. You can click on “Change” to fix information that is incorrect. Click “Save” when done then “Confirm and Continue.” Please select “Yes” for each parent/guardian for "Lives with Student?" Please also list contacts including the student's dentist and doctor. Please use the "Employer" field for medical office names.
8. Please complete the income survey. Click on “Confirm and Continue” when done.
9. Please review all items under "Documents" including the parent/student handbook and other important information. You do not need to print these documents.
10. Please review all “Authorizations” and select "Yes" or "No" for each of these questions, then click “Confirm and Continue.”
11. You will reach “Final Data Confirmation.” You can go back to the previous steps to confirm, then click “Finish and Submit,” and finally "Submit Final Confirmation".
12. The Data Confirmation Process is now complete. If you have any questions, please review our instructional video. You can also contact your school site for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can log in to the Parent Portal and look for the menu Student Info and select Data Confirmation. This will allow you to make any updates needed to emergency contacts and other fields
Email addresses associated with a Parent Portal account must be changed by logging into the portal and selecting the menu "Options" located on the right side next to "Logout." You will then see a dropdown item called "Change Email."
If your child is not already linked to your account, the child probably does not have the correct parent/guardian email address associated with the student record. Please contact the school site to verify or add your email address for your additional child. Below is an example of a completed student's emergency contacts. 

Thank you for updating your student's information!

Please feel free to provide feedback regarding this process by completing our survey.