District Budget & Finances

Where do C.U.H.S.D. school funds come from?

Public school funding comes from multiple sources—local, state, and federal. Through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) C.U.H.S.D. is classified as a community-supported district, which means we receive a majority of our funding from local property taxes and not from average daily attendance as most districts in the state are funded.   As enrollment increases, we do not receive additional funding to compensate for the additional staff new students require. Our reputation for prudent fiscal management also gives us the added support of grants and donations to bolster student programs.
Revenue for C.U.H.S.D. Adopted Budget for 2022-2023
Revenue for C.U.H.S.D Adopted Budget for 2022-2023
Two year comparison
How is the money spent?

We consistently earn excellent reports from independent auditors and outstanding bond credit ratings, which makes us more eligible for grants that stretch the public’s dollar further. Also, a Citizens Oversight Committee monitors district spending of bond and parcel tax funds for compliance with wording in voter-approved ballot measures.
Expenditures for C.U.H.S.D. Adopted Budget for 2022-2023
 Expenditures for C.U.H.S.D. Adopted Budget for 2022-2023
Expenditures 2 year