CUHSD Virtual Learning Academy

Spring 2022 CUHSD Virtual Learning Academy Information Session
CUHSD Virtual Learning Academy
Guided by the CUHSD Board of Trustees’ Strategic Plan, CUHSD is working to provide every student with the tools they need to construct bright futures. Based on the feedback from the community in the recent ThoughtExchange on the design of the virtual learning academy, CUHSD is working to create a fully online school to best fit the needs of students who need an alternative, personalized and flexible learning program to be successful in high school. This innovative model would provide students who have been successful in distance learning with a more robust, high-quality, permanent alternative for the 2021-2022 school year.
Components of the virtual learning academy could include:
  • Personalized learning experience in an alternative learning environment
  • Individualized academic support coupled with high-quality, live instruction
  • Flexible deadlines and schedule for students with competing priorities
  • 24/7 access to high-quality course materials
  • Access to engaging, project-based learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, including interactive lessons
  • Access to various online tools to collaborate with peers and interact with instructors
Please note, CUHSD is committed to providing a fully in-person, five days a week, non-hybrid learning program as the default educational program for students next year. The virtual learning academy is a separate alternative for families to determine if it fits the needs of their individual student.
Virtual Learning Academy Back to School Night
Virtual Learning Academy Orientation
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Virtual Learning Academy Q&A Session - August 3rd, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions
Will students who enroll in the Virtual Learning Academy next year need to unenroll from their home school?

No, please see the AB 130 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter on the Virtual Learning Academy at for more information.

Will students in the virtual learning academy still be able to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school site? 

Yes, as these students still remain at their home school, but participate in instruction remotely, they can still participate in all school extracurricular activities and events.

Will students in the virtual learning academy have access to guidance counselors and other resources similar to the in-person students? 

Yes, Virtual Learning Academy students will have the same access as their peers to guidance counselors, academic support, and resources as other school sites.

Are students expected to enroll in the program permanently?

No, students or families may choose to return to in-person instruction when they would like to disenroll their student from the Virtual Learning Academy. Please see the AB 130 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter on the Virtual Learning Academy at for more information.

What funds are being used to support the program and how will the district sustain the program long-term?

The program will be funded through the Extended Learning Opportunity Grant for the first year. The District is currently allocating funding for a one-year program and will then determine the effectiveness and longevity of the program to see if further funds needs to be allocated to support the program moving forward. 

May a student enroll part-time?

No, students who enroll into the Virtual Learning Academy will participate in instruction remotely full-time.  They will not be able to attend some in-person classes at their home school site and some classes virtually.

How will students access curriculum and support? Will they still have live instruction throughout the week?

Students will receive scheduled live instruction throughout the week and will have the ability to access course materials after the class session.  Similar to students current distance learning schedule, there will be embedded time in the schedule for academic support and tutorial. 

Can any student apply? What if they have an IEP or 504 plan?

Any student can apply to be in the Virtual Learning Academy, including students with an IEP or 504 plan. However, each student’s application will be evaluated. Students must demonstrate a reasonable level of independence and an ability to be successful in a distance learning program. Prior to enrolling an IEP meeting must be held to determine if the program will be a good fit for the student.

Can students request a transfer to the comprehensive school (or to Virtual Academy from the comprehensive school) at any time?

Yes, students will be able to request a transfer from the Virtual Academy to a comprehensive school at any time. Please see the AB 130 Parent/Guardian Notification Letter on the Virtual Learning Academy at for more information.

Virtual Learning Academy Advisory Committee
To ensure stakeholder input is incorporated into the design of the CUHSD Virtual Learning Academy, we created a Virtual Academy Advisory Committee. The advisory committee is led by District Office staff and consists of teachers selected by the Campbell High School Teachers Association (CHSTA), administrators, classified staff, students and parents.
The first meeting of the committee was held on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. As part of the agenda of the first meeting, committee members discussed the themes from a recent ThoughtExchange on the design of the program and shared ideas for the vision of the academy. As the vision and details of the academy become finalized, it will be communicated to the CUHSD community. 
Archived Information Session