Enrollment and Home Address Verification Checklist 


Proof of Parent/Guardian Identity

Parent’s Picture ID: ONE from the following list
  • Valid, not expired, California Driver’s License or ID Card 
  • Valid, not expired, Passport or Government/Consulate Issued Picture ID 

Proof of Home Address

IMPORTANT!  Families "NEW" to CUHSD (newly moved in to the district boundary lines) MUST complete the CUHSD Online Enrollment Portal.  
Note: If you lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, please complete the CUHSD Housing Questionnaire [English | Spanish]  and submit it to your school site or the District Liaison listed on the form. 
Note: “Current” means bills or statements within the last 30 days OR other items from the most recent year and not expired.


  1. Document #1 - ONE from the following list:
    • Current vehicle registration with parent/guardian name and address
    • Current W-2 Tax forms with parent/guardian name and address
    • Current pay stub - employer & employee name and address must be imprinted
    • Current water bill with parent/guardian name and address
    • Current phone bill (cell phone or landline) with parent/guardian name and address

  2. Document #2 - ONE from the following list:
    • Original Property Tax Bill with parent/guardian name and property address
      **To request a digital copy of your most recent Property Tax bill from the Santa Clara County Assessor's Office, send an email to [email protected]. Include both the homeowner's full name and parcel number/full property address.
    • Tenant’s copy of Rental or Lease agreement with minimum of parent/guardian name and address, as well as manager’s or owner’s name and phone number.

  3. Document #3:
    • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) bill, statement, or account confirmation with parent/guardian name & address.
      **If your rental agreement states that utilities (PG&E) are included, then one of the following can be used:
          • Monthly Bank statement with parent name and address
          • Monthly Cable bill with parent name and address

New Enrollment to CUHSD? In Addition to the Above, you must Provide

  • Current Immunizations: All students must have up to date required immunizations before they can enroll, including the Hepatitis B series and T-dap. A TB skin test is required within the last 12 months if new to Santa Clara County, and if the student’s healthcare provider identifies a risk factor for TB exposure. Prior to school enrollment, you are required to have the student’s healthcare provider complete the attached Santa Clara County Public Health Department TB Risk Assessment for School Entry. If the student is determined to have a risk factor, he or she  must be evaluated for TB. 

  • Documentation of Birth: A government-issued birth certificate from your home country. Proof of permanent residency, Green Card, or a passport are also accepted. 

  • Transcripts: Parents of middle and high school students are asked to provide academic transcripts from previous school. Withdrawal grades from the previous school will be used as proof of non enrollment at the former school. The withdrawal grades will also be used when selecting classes for the student. The school reserves the right to make final class selection based on need and availability. 

  • Proof of participation in a Special Education Program or 504 Accommodation Plan: Parents of special education students must provide the latest, complete IEP or 504 plan paperwork at time of enrollment.

  • Home Language Survey: Parent/Legal Guardian must complete the Home Language Survey unless the parent/legal guardian can prove they have completed the HLS at the former school or district. 

  • Emergency Care Card and Registration Card: Parent/Legal Guardian must provide emergency contact information and health care information for the child. If the child will be taking medications on campus, please see the Health Care Clerk (or site staff) for appropriate paperwork and requirements.