Foster, Homeless, and Unaccompanied Youth Resource Page


CUHSD Resources and Homeless Youth Liaisons

This page is dedicated to providing resources and information to all CUHSD students and families about the resources available for our community members who are or may know someone who is, a foster child, experiencing homelessness, or designated an unaccompanied minor. 
If you would like a list of school-specific resources and referral processes please contact your School Counselor who serves as your school-site Homeless Youth Liaison. If you would like to request more information, would like to know more about the services offered, or would like to refer someone for services please feel free to contact either Sarah Thomas or Amy McLain (information below) who serve as the District's Homeless Youth Liaisons.
Sarah Thomas
Director, Student Services
408-371-0960 x 2016
Amy McLain
Student Services Secretary 
408-371-0960 x 2076