Student Board Members & Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC)

Student Board Members
Alison Lubiens and Ainsley Bateman, Student Board Representatives
Alison Lubiens (Prospect High School) and Ainsley Bateman (Branham High School) are our 2021-2022 Student Board Members and they represent over 8,000 CUHSD students from Boynton, Branham, Del Mar, Leigh, Prospect, and Westmont High Schools.
  • To represent and elevate the student voice by being the bridge between the school board and students.
  • All students are safe, supported, and valued.
  • All Students develop knowledge, skills, and confidence.
  • All Students are engaged, challenged, and prepared.
  • Represent student interests at the district level
  • Bridge between Board and all students in the district
  • Co-chair of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC)
  • Communication
    • Stay informed of student interests across the district through regular communication with Site Representatives.
  • Board Meetings
    • Attend bi-monthly board meetings (Thursdays at 6pm).
    • Provide reports to the Board at each board meeting (activities, culture, challenges, etc.).
  • School visits
    • Visit each school site once per semester and lead student focus groups.
    • Report information from focus groups to school administration and the school board.
Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC)
Superintendent Student Advisory Council is responsible for representing each of their schools. Representatives are responsible for reporting any concerns they feel are important at the district level. Our council members are:

Co-Chairs Branham HS Del Mar HS
Alison Lubiens (12)
Ainsley Bateman (11)
Julie Kim (12)
Allison Wang (11)
Michelle Ho (11)
Maggie Dong (11)
Allyson Cabatcha (12)
Rachel Weinberg (12)
Sydney Fought (12)
Stephanie Akhigbe-Egberuare (12) 
Leigh HS
Prospect HS
Westmont HS
Ava Sarin (11)
Natalie McCarroll (11)
Vaibhav Shukla (11)
Mia Jin (11)
Edan Sasson (12)
Deshna Govil (11)
Mohnish Rana (11)
Jennifer Wolk (12)
Lavanika Sharma (12)
Mikaela Hammer-Longosz (10)
Kanika Thakur (11)
Lindsay Der (12)
  • To provide equal representation of student voice across the district.
  • Represent student interests of your school
  • Bridge between district and students at your school
  • Collaborate with other Site Reps at your school
Additional Roles
  • Secretary
  • Events Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • California Student Board Member Association Liaison
  • Communication
    • Stay informed of student interests across your school and communicate those to theSuperintendent and Student Board Members.
  • Meetings
    • Attend monthly Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council meetings (weekday evening)
    • Provide school reports to the Student Board Members prior to each board meeting(activities, culture, challenges)
  • School visits
    • Participate in two school site visits at your own site