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Annual Emergency Card Update

Emergency Card Update/Data Confirmation is closed for the 2017-2018 school year
It will reopen in the summer for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year
Please check back on or after July 26th

Thank you for registering your student with Aeries Parent Portal! We hope you enjoy this new process. Below you will find all the information you will need to complete this process. You will need a printer during this process.



Aeries Parent Portal Registration:


  1. Click on Aeries Parent Portal (We recommend using Google Chrome)
  2. If you already have an account or were emailed login instructions, please sign in and skip to step 13. If you have an account, but unable to log in, please click forgot password on the Aeries login screen to start the password reset process.
  3. Click Create Account
  4. Account Type: Check “Parent” then click Next
  5. Account Information: Enter email address and create a password then click next
  6. Go to email sent by to get a verification code
  7. Email Verification: Enter code from email then click next
  8. Click on “Return to login page”
  9. Login with email and password
  10. Student Verification: Enter Student information (can be found from the letter sent home) then click next. If your letter is missing the telephone number, please try your phone number.
  11. Your student is now added to your parent portal account. You can add additional students to your account by selecting change student next to the log out button inside the parent portal.
  12. Please log out of the portal.
  13. Please login to the parent portal if you are not already logged in.
  14. To begin, look towards the top part of the page and select “Click Here”
  15. Verify student information under “Family Information”. Check the boxes that apply to you. Click on “Confirm and Continue” when done.
  16. Student” information. Please make sure to verify all student information. You can click on “Change” to fix information that is incorrect. Click “Save” when done then “Confirm and Continue”
  17. Contacts” Please make sure to verify all contacts information. You can click on “Change” to fix information that is incorrect. Click “Save” when done then “Confirm and Continue” Please be sure to add a contact lives with “YES” for each guardian. You should also have a contact for each emergency contact including the student's dentist and doctor. Please use the "employer" field for the Doctor's offices name.
  18. Medical History” Please make sure to verify all student medical history information. You can click on “Change” to fix information that is incorrect. Click “Save” when done then “Confirm and Continue”.
  19. Documents” You can review all registration documents here. You will need to print and complete all applicable documents for your student.
  20. Authorizations” You must select Yes or No for these questions then click “Confirm and Continue”
  21. “Final Data Confirmation” You can go back to the previous steps to confirm or if you’re confident they are correct then click “Finish and Submit” and then "Submit Final Confirmation."
  22. Please print and sign the completed emergency card. This will be required on your campuses registration/check-in day.
  23. The registration/check-in process is now complete. Please remember to bring any documents printed from the Documents section, ASB receipts, and the signed emergency card to your campuses registration/check-in day.
If you have any questions, please review this instructional video. You can also submit a support request here.
  1. Completing The Data Confirmation Process
1. What if you need to make changes to your student's contact information after completion of the registration?
You can login to the parent portal and look for the menu Student Info and select Data Confirmation. This will allow you to make any updates needed to emergency contacts and other fields. 
2. My email is red and it won't let me make updates. How do I update it?
Email Addresses associated with a parent portal account must be changed by logging into the parent portal and selecting the menu "Options" located on the right side next to log out. You will find a menu item called change email. 
 3. How do I add an additional student to my account? 
Please login to the parent portal and look for the menu Change Student and select Add StudentYou will then be prompted for the student's ID number, primary phone number, and VPC code. (This information was sent in the registration letter.) Please enter the information for your other student and they will be added to your account. You can also use the same parent portal account if you have students' attending different CUHSD schools. 
Below is an example of a completed student's emergency contacts. 
Thank you for updating your student's information! Please feel free to provide feedback regarding this process by completing our survey.